This Valentine’s, Lladró Presents the Game of Love

With “The Game of Love”, the handcrafted porcelain brand Lladró from Valencia, Spain, is presenting a number of creations conceived to celebrate the great game of love. A game in which the players live unique experiences that range from the most intimate connection to shared fun and joy. Unique moments that Lladró captures in the most varied works.


Mickey Mouse’s eternal sweetheart stars in one of the season’s most eagerly awaited launches. A creation that takes its point of reference from classic cartoons and black ink on white paper to achieve a Minnie who is both unmistakable and charming.

The coloring has been pared down to the use of black only, changing Minnie’s usual red dress for a black one with white polka dots applied with painstaking precision. The black color is combined solely with a few touches of golden luster in the ribbon in her hair, her shoes and the tip of her nose. The piece comes with a faceted black porcelain base.


Together is yet another example of Lladró artists’ mastery in sculpture. This sculpture in porcelain showcases their consummate control in modeling the human body, the volumes and the balance between forms.

White porcelain is the perfect medium to express warmth and to ensure maximum precision in the details of the entwined bodies. Together is a work that manages to convey the connection and intimacy between two lovers, who almost seem to be floating in the air.

Cat in Love pendant

This little piece of jewelry in porcelain portrays one of our favorite pets, with a decorative heart surrounding its left eye as a distinctive feature. A knowing nod to love in an amusing fun-loving design.

The piece comes with a black satin cord and a 925-sterling silver clasp.

Crush Candle – Moonlight

What would a romantic date be without candlelight? The Crush glass candle holder comes with a porcelain lid hand-etched with a deep red heart pierced by an arrow, the image of romance par excellence.

Inside is a candle with the Moonlight scent, a fragrance with notes of pink peppercorn, ginger and amber: the perfect gift to express love and to create an enveloping ambience with its perfume.

Lladró: high craftsmanship in porcelain since 1953
Lladró is a world-leading Spanish brand renowned for its mastery in the creation of artistic porcelain. Lladró’s works are created at its only factory in the world, located in Valencia (Spain), from where they are distributed to over 120 countries.
Each piece is handmade with utmost precision by sculptors and artisans, combining age-old techniques with a constantly changing palette of colors and finishes. The ongoing exploration of the brand’s creative language and of the application of porcelain to lifestyles is evinced both in the creations by its in-house teams as well as in collaborations with renowned contemporary artists and designers.
Since 2016, the brand has been part of the holdings of the Spanish private equity fund PHI Industrial Acquisitions. Today, Lladró embraces sculptures, lighting, decorative objects, and fashion accessories. Lladró is an ambassador for Spanish design, through an extensive commercial network of its own boutiques and authorized distributors, giving it over 1200 points of sale across the globe.