When Classic Meets Modernity: The New Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl Showroom in Berlin

Soley 1983. Offa 2021. The classics of the 1980. design created by Kusch+Co and a preview of a new product by Nowy Styl. Although the two products are almost 40 years apart, in Berlin they come together in a form that suits both. Today we would kindly like to invite you to our showroom, where you can feel the timeless vibes and the freshness of modern solutions for office and public spaces.

Once you enter the Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co showroom in Berlin, the first thing that strikes you is the mysterious white wall.

Crisp white combined with bright light, blurred outlines of the chairs and a bit of understatement. This is how we want to surprise our guests upon entrance. Office chairs, café chairs and those ultra-functional ones for healtcare facilities are a prominent part of our product range. But as the clients dig deeper into our story, they will see we have much more to offer. In our showroom they will find inspirations and end-to-end solutions for workspace and meeting places, all of which respond to the ongoing challenges and needs of numerous organisations 

– says Dominika Wyderska, an architect at Nowy Styl

Soley 1983. Offa 2021.

In the entrance zone you will see a unique combination of classic and modernity. On the right you can admire an example of a classic product, which has been part of the Kusch+Co portfolio for years. The Soley chair designed in 1983 by Valdimar Harðarson, has become one of the brand icons over the past 40 years and it fits in with modern spaces just as well. On the other side there is the Nowy Styl novelty section. At the moment we showcase the preview exhibition of a new line of furniture designed for agile spaces. Offa, because that’s the name of this line, is a response to the clients’ needs, who are on the lookout for mobile solutions that support teamwork, brainstorming and creative meetings. The system was created by the Nowy Styl Design Team who joined hands with key clients working in the agile methodology. The mobility and versatility of this system make it a perfect choice for every office, not only those following the agile system.

Art district of Berlin

The showroom is located in a historical building in the art district known as Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. It is famous for the architecture evocative of the GDR times. It also houses the Jewish Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind and a fragment of the Berlin Wall covered with graffiti and known as the East Side Gallery. The interior will uncover the history of the building.

During the renovation works we discovered a beautiful terrazzo floor near the entrance. We decided to take it in our stride and adapt it to our project – just like the wooden floor, which only needed to be refreshed. While creating our showroom, we wanted to respect the past of the place as well as the history behind Kusch+Co, which has been present in this space for years. By adding products by Nowy Styl we introduced modern complementary solutions, which combined with the solutions by Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl may inspire our clients to come up with user-friendly offices that support effective work

– says Corinna Graf, Head of Marketing DE/AT at Nowy Styl

Modern kitchen with a sentimental touch

Another important place in this arrangement is the kitchen, which is the heart of our Berlin showroom. Although it’s seemingly cold and minimalistic, the affectionate photo of the Kusch+Co team with the founder, Ernst Kusch, is a heart-warming detail that offers a warm welcome. The modern kitchen with its simple design also includes a traditional element. The historical photo of the Hallenberg factory was printed on glass and illuminated, so as to draw the visitors’ attention from the very start. This space is important for the company employees who attend the showroom every day as their workplace. This is where they can feel they are part of the Kusch+Co and Nowy Styl team, integrate with their colleagues and build team spirit.

Inspirations for a variety of spaces

As you proceed, you will see two variants of managerial office: one with the Play&Work line and the Souly chair, and the other with the Levitate desk and the Bjarg chair. Both interiors come with a homely and versatile arrangement, which means they can be an inspiration for home office, which has become rather popular of lately.

But our showroom is mainly a place where we meet with our clients. Our visitors are welcome to explore the conference room and test the Lupino armchairs in two backrest height variants. Alternatively, they can choose a less formal setting and check out the high Comta table or Tapa seats. Those whose daily work involves a creative effort will appreciate the Creva table in the design zone. With its large tabletop it can be used for showcasing and testing finishes or upholstery samples, and for creating inspiring moodboards for each office or public space design.

Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl also offers specialist solutions for the healthcare sector. In Berlin we present e.g. the Arn chairs and Vega armchairs.