Aero Offices, Moscow

Moscow, Russian Federation

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The idea behind functional zoning and interior design was to create a space where people could work, meet, chill, or just have a cup of coffee with colleagues. The major task for the space is to organize people for collaboration and communication not actually to work. It is a space for exchanging ideas and communicating.

Kate Turbina wanted to create the startup atmosphere of California offices and the garages, where vibrant projects were created. They all know how these small garages became empires. It cannot be read in the color of the walls or on the posters.

The project was implemented just before the start of the pandemicю In fact, the ideas were highlighted by new hybrid format of work.
People come to the office to discuss projects and meet with colleagues, to absorb the spirit of the team. The site has become a driver for colleagues and friends. The office has become virtually the third place.

Traditionally, the planning solution and office zoning consists of a standard stake of zones: reception, offices, open space, meeting rooms, a café and a lounge. The peculiarity of this office is that it has its own courtyard and terrace. All ideas were thought up and implemented thanks to the energy of the company’s founders.

In the beginning we appeared into the two-storey building with a private patio and the ability to organize terraces. Walls were covered with grape plants. Kate Turbina decided to add the exterior into the functional zoning of the interior. And we created the idea to design a natural green space. The climate in Moscow is very rough from autumn to may: no sun, quite cold, and it can be rainy. That’s why the solution of green and white is a perfect combination because it’s bright, natural, and contrasts.

The two primary colors are white and green. She used the integration of natural plywood color to highlight the idea’s ease. She add warm yellow lights into the accent walls and decorations. These colors were chosen to create the chill atmosphere of the garden or terrace.

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