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ARAYA Fine Jewelry Store, Dubai

Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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A compendium of luxury, Araya is perched on the prestigious Almas Tower, in Dubai. The space seamlessly marries modern minimalism with the efficiency of cutting-edge designs, skillfully conceptualised and created by Aashni Kumar. Tuning in to the unpredictable rhythm of contrasts, white and black, textured boucle and smooth silk, simple geometry and bold organic silhouettes, that lend dynamism and create undulations that give the retail experience a new depth. The holistic approach to the concept, from space-making to lighting to display to signage- gives visitors a sense of endless intrigue while it celebrates the essence of the brand, pared-back aesthetics provoked with excesses.

The store brief was for it to be a physical extension of the luxurious fine jewellery that the brand produced, and create a haven for the brand’s customers to explore its designs. A fresh narrative of experimentation serenades this thoughtfully curated spatial symphony with a minimal open plan. The sumptuous lounge vibrates with a welcoming eclectic energy that pivots around plush furniture, with its interplay of textures and a canvas of neutral palettes. Off-white curvaceous seating gravitates around an organic-shaped black and white micro-topped coffee table, punctuated with analogous side tables, gently poised on a plush white carpet. A dark wooden flooring and textured grey walls accentuate the graphic effect, enshrouding the space like a warm and earthy shell.

Artistic allure melds with functionality in the display cases that steal the limelight. Tall, dark and majestic, they stand positioned against Dubai’s skyline, in view through panoramic floor-to-ceiling fenestrations. What appears like bas-relief etchings on the outer facade of the showcases at a glance, on a closer look portrays a story woven across each one of the four facias. Astute positioning carves a scintillating vanity nook close by, with an inspired mirror in a fluid shape. Navigating to the left side is the founder’s workspace that stays in sync with the concept, complete with a curved desk and console. Black micro-topped accents with flat black 3D finishes set against a neutral palette of black, grey, white and wood, set the stage for the brand’s evocative jewels, much like a canvas acts for its art.

The soul of the space lies in its meticulous curation and tailored detailing. Each element is thoughtfully crafted for the right impact, while a fluid and organic streak of unpredictability runs palpably through every corner. An interplay of boucle, velvet and silk furnishings in off-white tones, acknowledges the current global trends and the store’s vision for a neutral and textural vibe. Incorporating a vernacular that ‘transcends the present’ and blurs the lines between the traditional modern aesthetics of straight lines and sharp edges, with softer curved edges and organic shapes, garners a gentle pace in the design realm.

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400 sq-ft.


Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers


United Arab Emirates



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