BOHO Social Restaurant, Doha

Katara Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar

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About the project

A statement of unassuming elegance and a diverse experience in arguably one of the most desirable destinations in the country, BOHO Social is paving the way towards a new era for Qatar.

Desiring a complete contrast to local offerings, Bishop Design were given the brief to create a dynamic social destination. This hub was to be eclectic, modern, and would echo hues of the Bohemian era. When stripped back this ideology of bohemian lifestyle represents a free-spirit; a traveler and creative. These characteristics have been beautifully embraced throughout the interior styling, building a venue that concretizes itself as a new era to Qatar.

Colour became a key aspect of the interior styling as it perfectly encapsulated bohemian sentiments whilst providing character, depth and soul to the space. Fluid poured terrazzo gives a striking effect as the ground pours into the center of the space. Pattern-happy accessories, traditional ottomans and fabric colour waves all converge to create this unique overlay of infectious energy and palpable excitement. Eclectic modernism encapsulates this interior realm which is mirrored across the exterior as the terrace elevates an intoxicating mélange of furniture, whilst vibrant rugs gracefully transport guests through the external experience.

Qatari have been ready for an exciting F&B hotspot to hit the scene, with BOHO Social becoming that integral pedestal in achieving the united vision of this society – a true testament to the collaborative mindset of hospitality and design mavericks.

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4,807 sq-ft.



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December, 2019




Sanitary & Bath

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