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Cang 41 Cafe & Bar, Hebei

Hebei, China

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After the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the resurgence of interest in winter sports, particularly skiing, has revitalized Chongli, a renowned skiing town. Going beyond its status as a small Hebei town, Chongli has become the focal point for passionate skiers who envisioned establishing a unique coffee bar. Named “Cang 41,” the brand enlisted JUMGO for strategic design, crafting the concept of a “North Latitude 41° Ski Cellar.” The storefront, inspired by polar research stations, captivates with its visually striking presence in the snowy landscape during the prime operating season.

In pursuit of an appealing storefront and seamless integration with the local environment, Cang 41’s design draws parallels to romantic relationships. The spatial planning, differentiating between daytime café and nighttime bar atmospheres, ensures a gradual transition of functions within the limited space. The focus on creating a small yet exquisite space aims to establish trust with customers, emphasizing the importance of product development and attention to detail. Independent artists contribute to the brand’s unique identity with custom installations like the “Seed Repository,” introducing greenery to Chongli’s winter landscape. As a burgeoning brand born in the skiing paradise, Cang 41 not only reflects the business potential but also serves as an “ideal sanctuary,” extending its influence beyond Chongli to plan for additional stores and further expansion.

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2,906 sq-ft.





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October, 2023

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