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Crosspoint Solutions Office, Kontich

Veldkant 33 A, 2550 , Kontich, Belgium

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By aligning their team and sister companies in a shared goal to reinvent their existing office, Crosspoint Solutions brought new energy and purpose into their workspace.

Crosspoint is an umbrella for daughter companies, so there are no core team members. However, all the brands have a flat structure and teams often intersect and work together.

Crosspoint primary goal was to find a new office, but after two or three years of searching, they didn’t find anything they liked. Eventually, because of COVID, Crosspoint decided to reinvent the current office and transform it into a welcoming space where people can meet, work together and share ideas. They also wanted to create a more inviting and inspiring office space to help them attract talent.

Changing things starts with having everyone on board. Space Refinery launched a couple of surveys and hosted engaging workshops to understand the needs of team members.

Space Refinery wanted to optimize the existing space as much as possible. Integrating spaces designated for different needs was one of the priorities. New phone booths, meeting rooms, and separate offices allow employees to collaborate, focus or relax – without disturbing others. Adding plants and an aquarium created a feeling of nature that uplifted the workspace. Space Refinery also included a gaming room where team members can play table football to have a little bit of fun during their breaks. The kitchen was extended into a multipurpose area where people could eat, work, and socialize.

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8,600 sq-ft.





Completed On:

December, 2021

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