Dazzle Marbles Office, Udaipur

H- 280, Udyog Vihar - 8, Sukher, Udaipur, India

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The project titled Office for Dazzle Marble is an innovative endeavor in interior design that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics and technology with traditional materials. Its unique feature includes harmonious play of natural light, teak wood and cane furniture with brass inlay, and sustainable materials like lime plaster and locally sourced marble. Notable elements that sets this office apart include incorporation of fluidic accent walls (starting with sharp edged marble flutes to organic curves of lime plaster),color palette of earthy tones that compliment their marble (Dazzle marble), and a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable materials (cane, lime etc.).

The reception area, gateway to this curated workspace makes a bold statement with rock finish marble walls, hiding a door which opens to staff area and at the same time forming a backdrop.The executive office space includes rawness of lime walls complemented with smoothness of marble floor, warmth & bulkiness of teak wood balanced by lightness of cane which is used in credenza and also hides a cassette AC in ceiling. Various surface treatments of Dazzle marble are displayed in the office by making it a part of design.

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800 sq-ft.





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December, 2023

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