Diriyah Sales Centre, Diriyah

Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

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About the project

Capsule Arts curated an art collection and accessories, reflecting traditional architecture and crafts at the centre. The collection, inspired by diverse elements like desert dunes and Najdi architecture, features mainly local Saudi artworks. Extensive research and sourcing trips ensured an authentic representation. Works by Saudi artists Saad Al-Howede and Samah Bahajri showcase traditional embroidery and patterns in modern interpretations. Capsule Arts also designed bespoke pieces, drawing from Najdi heritage. The collection includes framed traditional clothing and adornments, intricate paper-cuts inspired by Najdi architecture, and photographs of Diriyah’s UNESCO site, featuring unique framing techniques. The centre’s styling includes custom displays and decorative accessories, emphasizing a museum-like ambiance with items like pottery, textiles, and books on Saudi culture.

Photo Credits: Tamara Hamad

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26,372 sq-ft.


Saudi Arabia



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