Eastern Spice By Bon Vivant Restaurant, Nashik

Patil Park, opposite to Dongre Vasti Gruha, Old Gangapur Naka, Nashik, India

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Nestled in the heart of the city, the Eastern Spice restaurant underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, encompassing both aesthetic charm and functional efficiency. With a sprawling area of 2125 square feet, the challenge was to harmonize privacy for every table while respecting the tight one-month timeline set by the client. The result was a breath taking blend of innovation, artistic expression, and practical execution.

To swiftly meet the client’s needs, the design team leveraged fabricated frames crafted off-site. This strategic move not only optimized time but also ensured precision in the installation process. The frames not only formed a strong foundation for the interior layout but also provided the framework for creating discrete, private dining spaces.

One of the most striking features of the restaurant’s new ambiance was the creative use of stone veneer sheets. These sheets, elegantly illuminated by carefully placed lights, cast a soft, dusky glow throughout the space. The choice of stone veneer sheets added a touch of rustic elegance, transforming the ambiance into a sophisticated haven.

Adding depth to the restaurant’s identity, the designers collaborated with local artists to bring culture to life through art. Carefully curated paintings adorned the walls, each reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. These artistic creations not only resonated with the patrons but also contributed to the restaurant’s unique personality.

Despite the tight schedule and the challenge of operating within a functioning restaurant, the project was completed within the stipulated one-month timeframe. The skillful fusion of innovative design elements, efficient execution, and an artistic touch culminated in an environment that delighted both the senses and the soul.

In conclusion, the Eastern Spice restaurant’s transformation was an ode to ingenuity and creativity. Through the synergy of fabricated frames, stone veneer sheets, and artistic expressions, the design team succeeded in crafting a sanctuary that catered to both privacy and aesthetics. This project exemplifies the power of collaboration and vision, resulting in a space that continues to invite guests to savor not only delectable dishes but also a feast for the eyes and spirit.

In addition to the captivating design elements that graced the Easter Spice restaurant, a whimsical touch was added with the creation of a unique selfie point. The design team ingeniously incorporated a moon sculpture into the space, providing patrons with a captivating backdrop for capturing memorable moments. This enchanting addition not only embraced modern trends but also further enriched the restaurant’s ambiance, making it an inviting haven for patrons seeking not just a meal, but an experience worth cherishing and sharing.

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2,125 sq-ft.





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July, 2023

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