Emirates International School, Dubai

27 Feb , 2017  

The interior concept for the Emirates International School Jumeirah (EIS–Jumeirah) draws from the richness of global education paired with the sense of a vibrant community and cultural highlights. The concept encompasses the differences shared between the students, the academic staff as well as the wider community.

Key areas such as the main atrium, reception, corridors, breakout spaces and the main library with their natural yet invigorating colour palette, engaging furniture, interactive features and incorporated technology nurture the students’ education and growth as well as communicate activities throughout the school as a whole.

On arrival at EIS – Jumeirah visitors encounter the first key spaces of the main entrance, reception area and central atrium. These spaces represent the standard of the school, communicating the ethos of EIS–Jumeirah and its aim for excellence. In accordance to the school’s educational philosophy, the design of the daylight-flooded atrium is designed to excite social interaction, while creating an inviting space that can be utilised for activities and gatherings.

Forming the heart of the school the atrium, with its wide staircase and adjacent airy lobby area, aims to engender and enhance a sense of community and shared purpose. Interactive sculptural elements, eye-catching graphics and coloured panelling work in accordance with a neutral palette backdrop. The high standard of finishes, material choices and applications visually manifest the quality and high profile of EIS-Jumeirah.

The reception counter adjacent to the lobby entry area creates a welcoming and immediate contact point for all visitors. The adjoining corridor spaces and atrium staircase support clear and strong wayfinding elements to classrooms that provide a logical progression within the space for the students and parents.

The actual design of the reception counter with layered materials and inspirational graphics applied to the coloured glass back wall along with the school logo further enhance the visitor experience and establish a sense of arrival.The lobby area comprises elements that inspire to engage and socialise: multifunctional soft seating that is of hospitality-quality, furniture in natural materials, large sculptural features, bright wall graphics and a large LCD information screen.

The design of the school’s corridors aims to offer a source of inspiration and a wealth of sensory experiences to support and enhance the students’ everyday learning experience. Through age-appropriate features, such as child-height displays, interactive play walls and chalkboards, a stimulating atmosphere is created along with elements incorporated into the corridor spaces that invite the opportunity to engage with the environment as well as with other students. This combined with a variety of shapes, colours and graphics against a neutral palette encourage students to explore and discover.The transition from corridors into classrooms is visually linked though extending the flooring through the corridors into the teaching spaces. Classroom numbers are illustrated with numerals as well as colour insets for easy wayfinding.

The design of the classroom spaces provide a stimulating atmosphere that fosters interaction and triggers active learning. This is achieved with the use of calm colour schemes enriched with accent colours on carefully allocated surfaces, natural finishes and materials that provide sound absorbing qualities, interactive features, LCD touch screens, white boards, write-on wall paint and flexible seating. The spaces give the students the opportunity to probe, explore and make the space theirs in the sense of belonging, allowing them to alter and personalise the environment to fit their needs.

Further flexibility is provided through an easy transition between classrooms and adjacent support spaces, which provide various sensory features. The main library is located on the second floor of the building, with floor to ceiling height windows providing the maximum flood of natural daylight and looking down into the outdoor play area.

The design of the interior seeks to excite children to encourage learning and exploring, fostering engagement with the environment to stimulate young imaginations. The space encourages a range of experiences with multiple levels of challenge for different ages and abilities, bookshelves of various heights and shapes, child-sized tables and chairs, various playful and flexible elements such as modular soft seating, reading nooks and showcase displays to acknowledge the school community’s achievements. Interactive sculptural features are incorporated to support a variety of activities. Intellectual, academic and social inspiration will additionally be stimulated by technological features such as internet access and a LCD screen. Neutral and natural finishes with sound absorbing qualities are combined with colourful elements to create a safe and friendly library space where students can thrive.



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