Fitness Center

FitnGlam Fitness Center, Abu Dhabi

Al Reem Mall, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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INC UAE has just announced the completion of FitnGlam’s first fitness and wellness centre in the capital. This milestone marks FitnGlam’s fourth and largest facility in the country, with three being designed and built by INC UAE. Founded to transform the landscape of women’s fitness in the region, FitnGlam has become a leading women’s fitness superclub which provides outstanding gym facilities and experiences to women. As a fitness haven for driven women looking for high-intensity workouts, the establishment is all set to welcome fitness enthusiasts into its newest location in Abu Dhabi.

Following the opening of its branch in Dubai Hills Mall, FitnGlam’s newest venue located in Al Reem Mall is set to transform the fitness and wellness landscape for both women and men in the capital. FitnGlam’s newly opened gym, thoughtfully divided into sections catering to women-only and mixed groups, was expertly project managed by Dirk Delport and meticulously designed by Annabelle Cleary from INC UAE. The team’s careful attention to detail ensured that the needs of all stakeholders were met while effectively showcasing the brand’s core values and mission.

Completed in merely 6 months, the project spanning an impressive 36,532.71 square feet is a testament to INC UAE’s commitment to creating exceptional spaces. The concept of the gym, developed from the first FitnGlam in Mirdif, and adapted for the Dubai Hills branch has been used as a benchmark for the latest facility in Abu Dhabi which was designed and built by INC UAE and consulted on by CSQ Project Development Consultants. The gym features state-of-the-art equipment, a ladies-only restaurant, sauna, steam room, blow bar, and dedicated ladies-only yoga and reformer studios. Seamlessly connected to the Platform Studios, members also have access to cutting-edge fitness classes like HIIT, Boxing, and Spin, as well as a Multi Studio. The facility also has direct access to a Cryo clinic, providing members with a rounded holistic journey.

FitnGlam’s newest venue in Abu Dhabi stands out with its remarkable lighting design. Despite the absence of natural daylight, the dedicated design team, led by Annabelle Cleary, meticulously integrated lighting throughout the facility to ensure a consistent atmosphere in line with other FitnGlam gyms. The space was thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly blend each section while considering the dedicated areas for ladies only. Overcoming challenges, INC’s design team successfully implemented FitnGlam’s signature mirror tunnel, striking a balance between the studio’s depth and members’ privacy. With a strong understanding of the stakeholders’ needs and expectations, INC UAE skillfully achieved a harmonious and balanced overall design.

Boasting its status as the largest FitnGlam gym to date, the intricately designed lighting and AV system with the space provide a captivating experience. The studios showcase dynamic lighting that harmonizes with the music, immersing participants in a sensory workout session. Located in Al Reem Mall, the team at INC UAE carefully chose audio equipment to replicate a nightclub atmosphere without disrupting neighboring outlets in the mall. To further enhance the overall gym experience for members, cutting-edge specialized equipment was also incorporated in areas such as the sauna, steam room, and kitchen.

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October, 2021

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