Ginger Sushi Bar, Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest

2 Jan , 2019  

Ever thought of creating a sushi restaurant inside a glass box?

The Ginger Sushi Bar at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest is a contemporary ‘glasshouse’ of sorts, that exudes a sleek yet cosy interior appeal, making it a super unique place to dine under the stars.

Creneau International designed the interiors to reflect the history of the hotel as well as its geographical location – Bucharest. The focal point of the design are the oak beams, initially used to build the roads of the oldest streets in Bucharest during 1690s. The link between the rhythm of the wooden planks and the design of the room was thus born.

The glass ceiling and walls are partially cladded with wooden strips to filter daylight. Furthermore, the use of wood helps induce warmth to the overall atmosphere, particularly at night.

Some of the design highlights include herringbone flooring in metal and oak parquet, which provides an elegant contrast. Another feature that stands out is the black Arte wall covering used throughout the restaurant. And not to be missed is the marble bar in the centre, which provides a perfect background for live sushi preparation, making it a palatable and visual treat. Mirrors are also used as part of the design, to create the illusion of a wider space.


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