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Global Sales Enablement Office, Pune

Pune, India

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Mindtickle’s services are unrivalled with a reputation for strong connections and industry competence in identifying and growing leaders. The company takes pride in its strong and individualized network of relationships, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and reputation in the market as a thought leader and a data-driven sales enablement and readiness platform. Two project concepts—layers of knowledge and network of connections—were established by the design team to build on these core principles. These ideas were put into practice using a variety of layers, framed perspectives, apertures, glass walls, ceiling components, and lighting. The components work together to provide a workplace that encourages connections and re-connects staff with the Mindtickle’s brand and culture. A New Home for a Market Innovator. An innovator in the field named Mindtickle’s envisioned a highly collaborative workplace in a brand-new, forward-thinking neighborhood. To reduce the danger of adversely affecting retention and recruitment, this attempt to develop their business culture required a clear vision and rebrand.

The new location reflects Mindtickle’s development into a renowned business. It sets them apart from the competition. A prominent hub in the center emphasizes their goal of bringing people together to support their thriving culture. High-energy workshops, halls, and outside events can be accommodated by the movable hub walls. Materials that reflect the grit and tradition of the neighborhood are incorporated into the fabric in a comfortable, appropriate, and practical way. A lot of tours were planned as a result of the hype that had been created, bringing in new customers and the finest and brightest talent. Creating a New Standard Together, we can design a new workspace that paves the path for a more sustainable future. Mindtickle, the Sales Readiness Platform, is your answer to missing quotas and creating a culture of sales excellence. The idea of Mindtickle is deeply rooted in a dedication to sustainability. This was the aspect of the brand we focused on while conceptualizing a vibrant new location with our design team. The new, well-lit office has fewer private offices and a more open floor layout, allowing the majority of workers to enjoy views of the city. However, a self-irrigated living wall that flanks the stairway serves as the focal point of the workspaces, delivers concept and its many proven health advantages to every level. Feeling of Belonging and Inclusion The modern workplace places a premium on inclusivity, and for Mindtickle that includes making sure staff feel at home and willing to collaborate in their new setting. To help Mindtickle learn more about inclusive design solutions like standardized workstations and private offices, the team produced a guidebook. They are making traditional office culture’s implied hierarchy more manageable. Employees have an option of collaborative or individual offices, with the latter offering views of the city below, thanks to the open floor design, which also gives them freedom in where they work.


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