Golde Ceramic Tiles Headquarter, Foshan

Foshan, China

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About the project

This exhibition draws inspiration from the metamorphosis of a butterfly, symbolizing the brand’s rejuvenation and commitment to Italian minimal style. The lobby features a black, white, and grey palette, sleek design elements, and a double-layered structure that, when illuminated by morning sunlight, creates a mysterious and elegant atmosphere. Moving into a secret forest, stainless steel columns and fog machines contribute to a magical ambiance, where a dancer transforms into a fairy in an enchanted white forest.

Beyond aesthetics, the serene space represents a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, with minimalist design highlighting product benefits like formaldehyde degradation. The “purification space” showcases functionality through a transformative LED wall, allowing visitors to observe far-infrared rays and experience the brand’s commitment to a tranquil and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Photo Credits: Xu Yiwen

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53,820 sq-ft.





Completed On:

March, 2023

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