Hachiban Ramen Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh

30 Đ. Tân Thắng, Sơn Kỳ, Tân Phú, HoChiMinh, Vietnam

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Interior Designers:

About the project

SEMBA VIETNAM wanted to organise the ingredients of ramen into a space. Designers has put a lot of effort into creating a space with the express method as “Fun to look at❣”.

The main target customers were narrowed down to Vietnamese families and young people.  After repeated trial and error, Mamoru Maeda have decided to stick with this approach.

First of all, SEMBA VIETNAM wanted to incorporate soft, free-form curves into the design, given the food ingredient “ramen” and the compartment shape being a semi-circle. Then, with a particular playful intent, designer tried to create a design that would make people unintentionally want to “Snap!” and take a photo of it.

The spherical shape of the pillar rolls is reminiscent of a noodle ball, and the letter “8” is painted on the floor of the two pillars. This represents the “8” of the corporate name.

In addition, a large “daruma”, a well-known good-luck charm in Japan, is suspended from the ceiling. It is common to draw a lucky character on the belly of Daruma so I designed to paint the logo “8-ban Ramen” on its belly. Furthermore, we made Daruma itself luminous and extremely outstanding. The symbolised “Daruma” will develop an overwhelming presence.

Curved wood panels were randomly hung from the brown-painted ceiling. The “menma”, a typical ingredient for ramen noodles, was also represented. The curved random wood panels suspended from the brown ceiling reminded me of “menma floating in ramen soup”, which is why Mamoru Maeda came up with this design.

The LED letters on the object made in the shape of a Chinese spoon gave an image of “eating a boiled egg in a spoon”.

The curved line on the upper part of the kitchen lowering wall also expresses the softness of the noodles. designers used the colour green as the CORPORATE COLOUR and installed a red display shelf below it, which is related to the complementary colour. The contrast helps attracting people’s gaze to the kitchen side and also contributes to the effect of showing a lively and clean kitchen.

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200 sq-ft.





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January, 2024

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