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High-on-Sober Office, New Delhi

New delhi, India

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About the project

A mix of colours, textures and unusual materials define this 4000 sqft, Design Ethics’ project for chemical dye making company’s base office, located in New Delhi. Responsible for the development of dyes and chemicals supply nationwide, the clients turned to the design studio, led by partners Poulomi and Jatin, to create a space that would provide better quality and comfort for those who work there. The project was motivated by the expansion of their team mainly additionally resuming to the traditional office routine post covid period.

The main goal of the project was to create an environment that would function as an extension of the home office, to facilitate the return and instigate the creativity and productivity of the employees. For this purpose, colour blocked areas were developed, with space for group activities, work dynamics, discussions, collective meals, and resting time. The comfort and fluidity of the environment were the main starting points for the project.

A combination of informal meeting spaces, workstation areas, transitional spaces and above all, enough room to brainstorm and bounce new ideas off each other forms the program.

The design plays with two atmospheres; young, energetic and bold common areas versus minimal and serene personal spaces. The office is spread across 2 floors. The lower floor acts as the main day-to-day work area and the floor above is majorly for leisure and post work get-togethers, which includes a terrace area as well.

On the main floor, a statement waiting lounge was created in place of a cliché reception area, which is majorly dominated by the bold use of mustard colour and some quirky furniture pieces. An interestingly done up corridor acts like a beating heart of the office and includes a nook for all informal meeting spaces. It’s an open zone where co-workers, clients, and partners can meet up, collaborate and inspire one another. Apart from that, meeting rooms and cabins are located privately to ensure total focus and privacy for all meeting sessions.

The floor above is planned to have a more relaxed environment for the office to hang out during break-out times. The lounge, connected with a beautifully curated terrace with lush greens acts like a space to hold office lunches and dinners.

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175,000 sq-ft.




New delhi

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June, 2022
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