Hotel Devi Ratn Second Wing, Jaipur

Tehsil, Agra Rd, Jamdoli, Ballupura, Balloopura, Rajasthan 302031, Jaipur, India

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Nestled against the majestic backdrop of the Aravalli hills, Devi Ratn stands as one of the most cherished creations by Designers Group, eloquently weaving the narrative of Jaipur’s rich heritage. With finesse, it entwines a celestial storyline with a design approach that is both ethereal and unique. Spanning over an extensive 20-acre expanse, this boutique hotel ventures into revealing the quintessence of the Pink City through an exceptionally nontraditional lens, casting it anew in an entirely novel light. Notably, Devi Ratn has undertaken a substantial expansion with the incorporation of a new wing.

This extension emerges as a seamless continuum of the prior endeavor, where the Designers Group embarked on the intricate task of aligning the novel theme with the prevailing elements. In keeping with the already established concept, which encompasses the iconic Jantar Mantar and showcases intricate spatial carvings, the primary objective was to ensure the new annex seamlessly merged with this existing narrative. Recognizing Jaipur’s distinguished reputation as a sought-after wedding destination, a meticulous effort was dedicated to shaping the new section into a pivotal locale for significant matrimonial occasions, complemented by a central landscaped expanse.

Flanking the entrance are two regal elephants, radiating a sense of grandeur reminiscent of Maharaja opulence. Intricately designed metal screens grace the space, offering a contemporary reimagining of Jaipur’s age-old geometry. The architectural finesse of the building materializes through its graceful contours. Progressing through the corridors, each fleeting instant unravels a new facet illuminated by the interplay of light, ingeniously crafted alcoves, and thoughtfully designed lounging areas. The corridor showcases a modern geometric pattern, enhancing the prevailing contemporary atmosphere. Guest rooms are adorned with resplendent graphical representations reminiscent of dazzling diamonds—symbolizing effulgence and seamlessly aligning with Jaipur’s unique narrative. The guest rooms themselves have been meticulously crafted to encapsulate the very core of Jaipur’s essence. Every design facet, from the enthralling wall art to the splendid chandeliers, thoughtfully communicate the soul of Jaipur’s identity.

In essence, the edifice stands as an architectural marvel that not only venerates Jaipur’s legacy but also reimagines it as an idyllic destination for modern weddings. This boutique hotel, skillfully fusing tradition and innovation, genuinely acts as a vibrant canvas portraying the dynamic essence of the Pink City.


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