Jinshan No. 2 Experimental Primary School, Shanghai

86 Dongjiao St, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China

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Commissioned by Shanghai Jinshan No. 2 Experimental Primary School, Lineworks Studio team designed a new interior space for its South campus. With Linework’s meticulous and inventive design, learning activities at the new campus not only take place in classrooms, but also extend to everywhere students go. The new space echoes with the school’s educational philosophy, a combining force between regular and situational teaching, social-friendly inquiry and personalized learning, as well as basic curriculum and individual exploration.

With deep understanding of the school’s needs and concerns, Lineworks carefully devised the interior design of subject-based classrooms on each floor in the new building. The design team replaced the walls between some classrooms and public spaces with transparent folding sliding doors, the hallways were transformed into informal teaching spaces, answering to the school’s demand for more social and personalized learning spaces. In terms of color combinations, the design team were inspired by the colors of Jinshan—the spectrum of its urban space, natural landscape, and beautiful beach. These colors were boldly applied to the interior ceilings, walls and flooring. The simple and childlike visual elements also expanded the possibilities for materializing a rich and varied scenario-based curriculum.

When designing the classroom observation windows, Lineworks chose child-friendly sailor windows and capsule shapes to encourage students to observe activities in the public teaching area outside the classroom. Wall decorations in the shape of huts were stylized to further inspire imagination and creativity.

In response to the campus radio station’s demand for a soundproof separation between the recording room and the studio, the design team created an archway in vivid red and sun-drenched yellow, a trompe l’oeil blurring the physical boundary between two spaces. From the microphone-shaped lights to the dotted sound absorption panels, the whole space was designed to be both functional and joyful.

Spaces dedicated to music and dance lessons are spaces where students shall discover themselves and their creative talents. Here, the design team once more replaced the walls between the dance studio and the public corridor with transparent glass folding doors, setting the stage for the performers inside and inviting the audiences outside to pause and enjoy.

At the reading center, different shapes outlined by light films on the ceiling designate a number of areas for different purposes. To speak to the young minds, the design team specifically combined elements such as cartoon huts with open bookshelves, comfortable sofas, and user-friendly stools, which can connect different corners of the reading center in an organic manner and create expandable spaces for in situ reading. Aside from careful considerations over aesthetics and utility, the team also took advantage of the height difference of the original space, and introduced several large sun-shaped luminous film. When the lights are turned on, the coffee area is bathed in warm sunlight with spring flowers in full bloom, honoring the Jiangnan landscape and seaside heritage of Jinshan.

Photo Credits : Sha Peng

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February, 2023

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