Korean-Style Range Rover Boutique, Seoul

Hanam Starfield, 750 Misa-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of

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SL+A was honored to present the concept for the first Range Rover Boutique in Korea, with design and construction completed in November 2023. The Range Rover Boutique at Hanam Starfield is a 320 square meter showroom that wholly represents “Korean Modern Luxury” while celebrating the rich culture of the country. They created a space that echoes the typical silhouette and architecture of traditional ‘hanok’ and also encompassed all of the functional characteristics for operations today. This ode to the past and appreciation for historical dwellings designed and constructed during the 14th century during the Joeson Dynasty demonstrates how their team brings a special bespoke angle to each of their unique projects. The SL+A team and Jaguar Landrover Korea made sure that the vision of modern luxury came to fruition with this bright, voluminous and grand design.

As visitors and guests first arrive, the entrance resembles the courtyard of traditional hanok – placed strategically to connect the interior and exterior. It was a multipurpose space for those living in the hanok and was easily accessible from each room, serving a function beyond the aesthetic appeal of typical courtyards and gardens. For the Range Rover Boutique, they placed the yard so it is accessible and welcoming, proudly complimenting the display of the main Range Rover vehicles. LED images, videos and information are featured prominently throughout the space so they can utilize this entryway in diverse and creative ways.

In addition to the main display, they also carved out space for a relaxing lounge complete with a barista and refreshment bar for guests and visitors to the Boutique. The lounge resembles the toenmaru of a hanok. In the past, the toenmaru served as a waiting area that connected the different rooms and areas of the main buildings – today, they use this as a buffer between the showroom and the customer zone, giving plenty of opportunities to admire and learn about the display vehicles in a comfortable environment. This is a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for visitors due in part to adopting a strategic open-concept placement of furniture throughout the space, rather than a more structured arrangement of seating. Many wooden and natural elements were used to give a “toenmaru-like” finish to embrace a more traditional ambiance.

Simultaneously, a very luxurious atmosphere was created by incorporating Korean-style louver partition designs, immaculately groomed plants, and treasured props selected from the rich storied past of the country. The SL+A team combed through volumes of historic records of hanok construction and layouts to uncover and replicate the special paints and wood finishes used many centuries ago. They were able to capture the warmth and feeling of natural materials in the space, where dark-toned stones and metallic components nicely contrasts the barista bar and highlights this modern amenity as a visual focal point in a luxurious setting.

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3,444 sq-ft.


Hanam Starfield, 750 Misa-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do


Korea, Republic of

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November, 2023

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