Logoutt Sustainable & Mindful living Center, Wales

Wales, United Kingdom

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In today’s world our focus on digital and tectonic flatness has shifted our attention away from the fundamentals of living. Mindful architecture seeks to redirect our focus back to the duality of the mind and body by emphasising the tactile and visceral qualities of the physical world. That’s where Logoutt comes in.

Logoutt is a purpose-driven wellness and hospitality brand that creates experiential spaces, designed to evoke a mind-nature connection and guide people towards sustainable living. Created through months of research and intense design development, it draws inspiration from its environment, along with finding design-led solutions from the most innovative ideas in architecture and wellness.

Designed and hand-built in Wales using locally sourced, sustainable materials, the Logoutt space reflects the team’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices. Every detail of the space has been designed with the intent to evoke a mind-nature connection.

Responding to contemporary challenges, the concept of balance is at the forefront of Logoutt’s philosophy. Each immersive space, designed with functionality, comfort, and connectivity with nature in mind, integrates seamlessly with Logoutt’s mission, a platform made for pressing pause. This convergence results in a versatile space that can accommodate up to three people and is suitable for year-round use in diverse climates and environments.

Drawing inspiration from our most primal selves, Logoutt embodies a playful and tactile design, allowing guests to reawaken their senses and reconnect with their inner child. The concept of polarity is woven throughout the space, achieved by a contrasting material and colour palette, and further emphasised through lighting which can be tailored to complement your mood. The juxtaposition of diverse contrasts serves to enhance the immersive, sensory-rich experience at Logoutt.

Rooted in the idea that polarity exists naturally in the universe, every detail of the Logoutt blueprint is designed with intent to evoke a mind-nature connection. Four pillars anchor the unique Logoutt concept: biophilic-minimalism, the circle, human centred design and sustainability.

Biophilic-Minimalism at Logoutt signifies more than simply incorporating some green and leaves into the space. It integrates organic patterns and elements inspired by nature into the design, celebrating the natural ageing of the materials as they weather and
harmonising the space with its environment with time. The space is created purposefully to restore calm and welcome you in, with clean shapes that instantly declutter the space. The hand built deck, made with locally sourced timber, blurs the lines between inside and outside, allowing you to truly appreciate the boundlessness of nature.

Logoutt’s most iconic and captivating feature is the circle, which is a nod to the cyclical nature of life. It is a powerful symbol that conveys a sense of wholeness, serenity and union and has been used in architecture throughout history, from Neolithic stone circles of ancient Britain to zen gardens of Japan from the Muromachi period. The circular elevation between the bed and the living space creates a mindful separation, creating a cosy nook and introduces a sense of privacy. The incorporation of the circle marks a signature feature at the Logoutt. It acts as a focal point and a tactile reminder of the importance of unity, and its inclusion in the design creates a space that is both serene
and uplifting. By climbing through the circle, it adds an element of playfulness, by way of encouraging people to connect with their inner child.

Logoutt places emphasis on Human-Centred Design, a pillar that makes the space intuitive, adaptable, and inviting for everyone. The ergonomic interior design champions flexibility, freedom, and interconnectedness while respecting individual needs for privacy. Mindfully positioned openings in the space ensure a constant and immediate connection to the surrounding nature, while imbuing a sense of intimacy.

At the centre of the space is an open kitchen, which adapts to the dynamic needs of guests. Equipped with all necessary amenities including a sink, a two-burner stove, and plentiful counter space, it also serves as a social hub, fostering connections among guests. The daybed, an integral feature in Logoutt, contributes not only to the warm and welcoming nature of the space, but is designed to nudge guests to press pause on their fast-paced lives. Whether to read, write, socialise or simply ‘be’, the daybed fosters a deep appreciation for the present moment.

At the heart of the design approach is a commitment to sustainability, Logoutt is made to tread lightly with minimal impact on the environment. The space is powered by renewable energy through integrated solar panels, and the triple-glazed doors and windows that meet passivhaus standards for maximum efficiency and minimal energy consumption. The bathroom features a compostable eco-toilet that eliminates water usage, saving nearly an average of seven litres of water per flush that a standard toilet would use. The shower features innovative droplet-dispersible technology that vastly reduces water usage by up to 70%, while enhancing the overall shower experience. The
kitchen countertop is made from 65% recycled waste wood and sourced locally.

From playful design elements to sustainable innovations, Logoutt embraces the duality of life, inviting you to reawaken your senses and reconnect with your inner self. It’s an invitation to step away from the everyday chaos and embrace a space where time is yours to savour, and where every moment counts. Logoutt celebrates the beauty of balance and invites you to press pause and embark on a journey of rediscovery.

Photo Credits : Chris Taylor

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