Luna Apartment, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India

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‘LUNA’ by Keerthi Tummala is a remarkable testament to the seamless interplay between the Yin and Yang aspects, harmoniously merging the realms of old and new within its walls. Just like the ancient symbol of Yin and Yang, this exquisite 3100 sq. ft. apartment in the heart of Hyderabad encapsulates the duality of contrasting elements, creating a captivating balance that transcends time. Keerthi and her husband, who have resided in this apartment for a decade, desired to refurbish the space into a home that truly reflects their unique personalities.

Inspired by the Yin principle, the space embraces the richness of history and tradition. Cherished heirlooms, vintage trinkets, and restored furniture pieces handed down through generations find their perfect place in this abode. Each item tells a compelling story, weaving a tapestry of ancestral heritage and personal connections. The meticulously curated vintage cabinet, beautifully restored to its former splendor, serves as a tangible reminder of the past, symbolizing a deep reverence for craftsmanship and the preservation of family heirlooms. In perfect harmony with the Yang aspect, ‘LUNA’ also embraces the allure of modernity and innovation. It gracefully integrates contemporary elements, capturing the essence of novelty and pushing the boundaries of design. The artfully decorated living room, with its eclectic colors and patterns, fearlessly embraces individuality, while the furniture pieces from Keerthi’s own label ‘WA Bespoke and Sage Living‘ add a touch of contemporary flair. This intentional blend of old and new reflects the couple’s appreciation for timeless elegance and the excitement of the present.

Upon entering the home, one is greeted by a bright and spacious foyer adorned with Oxford striped walls and dark wooden details, leading to the living room. This artfully decorated space follows a “more is more” philosophy, showcasing an expansive collection of eclectic colors, patterns, and historic Roman cityscape artwork. The home exudes an air of intrigue and individuality, boasting an array of captivating elements. From the exquisite vintage cabinet to the iconic dining table and the intricately designed Sabyasachi textile doors of the pooja room, nothing within these walls is ordinary or predictable.

The master bedroom is a luxurious and relaxing space designed with opulent materials to evoke a sense of grandeur and comfort. The brass patina finish of the Gloria bed serves as a striking focal point, complemented by textured wooden wall panelling and jute elements. The flooring features brass inserts, creating a cohesive look. The study table and chair, restored pieces in black rosewood, hold sentimental value and evoke nostalgic memories of Keerthi’s grandfather. On the other hand, the parents’ bedroom is designed to exude a light-filled tropical ambiance. The Udra bed, inspired by ocean waves, takes center stage with its fluidic forms and curves, bringing a soft and feminine touch to the space. The room incorporates a cherished family heirloom and captivating artwork to add character and a personal touch.

The couple’s countryside kitchen, which has been their culinary haven for the past 10 years, has received a makeover by transitioning to an all-pastel blue theme, accentuated with a teal backsplash that inspires a desire to cook. The love for mixing and matching can be observed throughout every room in the apartment, reflecting the couple’s penchant for creating unique combinations that exude style and personality. ‘LUNA’ is more than just a dwelling; it is a testament to the belief that the blending of old and new, Yin and Yang, can create a space that transcends time and captures the essence of the present moment. Keerthi Tummala’ s meticulous curation and design choices not only manifest her love for master craftsmanship but also honor the interconnectedness of generations, eras, and styles.

To bring the contrast between the indoors and outdoors to life, the designer deliberately combined luxurious materials such as brass and stone with natural elements like jute, wood, and cane. The intention is to strike a balance between opulence and organic beauty. Similar to the sun and the moon, day and night, the juxtaposition of materials like concrete and brass, wood and metal, and jute and stone reflect the underlying philosophy that seemingly opposing elements can complement each other and form a cohesive whole. These design choices not only add visual intrigue but also emphasize variation, depth, and character within the space.

“The approach we took blends the past and the present, infusing the space with our love for master craftsmanship and allowing for individual expression. Over the years, we have collected unique objects and artworks that enrich the spaces, reflecting our deep appreciation for artistry and craftsmanship. Furthermore, antique furniture passed down through generations finds its perfect place in our home, seamlessly blending with elements that speak of different eras,” says Keerthi Tummala, Founder and Creative Director of Sage Living.

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January, 2023

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