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Mara Dubai Mall – Shortlisted for Commercial Interior Design Awards (Interior Fit-Out of the Year – Residential, Retail & Leisure)

A concept cherished by locals and anticipated by many. Mara, a brand woven into the fabric of the community, embarked on a journey to expand its footprint within this iconic retail hub. The challenge was not merely to establish another branch but to offer a unique opportunity to the mall’s diverse visitors, creating an oasis of culture and luxury amid the bustling atmosphere. As the whispers of eager inquiries filled the air, Mara’s decision to set its roots in Dubai Mall became a reality.

The primary objective was clear, to bring Mara’s distinct charm to life, while seamlessly integrating the heritage and landscape of Sharjah. Aujan, in collaboration with the visionary design team led by Naksh Pariya, embarked on a quest to weave the soul of the desert into the very fabric of the store. The challenges that awaited were monumental – a shop height reaching ten meters, an intricately designed ceiling mimicking the undulating dunes, and a facade adorned with exclusive materials sourced from Spain and Italy.

Overcoming such challenges required not just expertise, but an unbreakable bond between the design team, contractors, and stakeholders. The symphony of collaboration played a pivotal role in navigating complexities, with frequent site visits and real-time issue resolutions. Aujan’s commitment to client satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail transformed obstacles into stepping stones, culminating in a breathtaking result that speaks volumes of the team’s harmonious synergy.

Innovation permeated every facet of this project. The daring decision to suspend inverted pipes from the ceiling, echoing the fluidity of Sharjah’s desert dunes, showcases Aujan’s audacity to redefine the limits of design. The juxtaposition of imported materials, from the Spanish tiles that graced the floors to the Italian furnishings that adorned the space, underscores a commitment to sourcing the finest from around the world.

Aujan embraced cutting-edge technology, employing project management software to navigate the intricate web of tasks within a condensed timeline. The decision to station two project engineers – one for day shifts and another for night shifts – reflects a dedication to uncompromising quality and timely execution. These innovations, underpinned by a culture of adaptability and resourcefulness, ensured that every aspect of the project was meticulously managed, resulting in a breathtaking finish.

Sustainability was not an afterthought; it was woven into the very DNA of the project. An exquisite art piece within the store serves as a reminder of Aujan’s commitment to environmental stewardship. As this masterpiece stands amidst the bustling Dubai Mall, it beckons visitors to pause and contemplate the harmonious coexistence of art, culture, and sustainability.

In conclusion, Aujan’s triumphant execution of the Mara Dubai Mall project is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence. The meticulous integration of cultural heritage, the overcoming of architectural challenges, and the infusion of sustainability into every aspect of the project showcase Aujan’s prowess as an industry leader. This project stands not only as a remarkable achievement but also as an embodiment of Aujan’s dedication to elevating interior design to a realm of true artistry.

Photo Credits : Dastan Photography

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2,950 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates



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February, 2023

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