MO Jasmine Restaurant, Beijing

Beijing, China

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LDH DESIGN draws inspiration from ikebana, embodying the essence of “Jasmine” with a pure and refined design approach. The interior project, Mo Jasmine, seamlessly integrates nature and elegance. Deep green hues, textured marble, and warm lighting create a tranquil atmosphere, guiding visitors through a journey of comfort and relaxation.

Fragrance focuses on a multisensory experience, immersing individuals in a space that evokes the scent of flowers. The design strategically places private dining rooms, a lounge area, and a kitchen, connected by a vine-like corridor. The play of forms and colors intensifies visual interest, and a modern interpretation of traditional architecture enhances the overall elegance.

Elegance encapsulates the purity of fully bloomed jasmine, incorporating a warm fireplace, fluid color schemes, and soft lighting. Thoughtfully placed lights highlight dining tables, creating a pleasant atmosphere and reflecting the flower language of jasmine – true and sincere love.

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8,000 sq-ft.





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October, 2022

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