Network International HQ, Dubai

Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Network International, a leading provider of payment solutions in the UAE, unveils its latest 72,000 sq. ft. workspace in Al Barsha, Dubai. Designed and built by our innovative team at Design Infinity.

The design brief to us is to create an interior scheme for Network International’s office that embodies a modern, minimalist aesthetic with an industrial touch, prioritizing functionality and acoustic solutions.

Design Infinity aim to achieve key design goals: a clean, minimalist look with industrial influences, improved functionality and workflow efficiency, noise reduction with acoustic solutions, and a visually appealing space reflecting the institution’s brand identity.

Design Infinity design approach emphasizes simplicity, with clean lines and a muted color palette. Industrial elements, such as exposed ceilings, that add character and depth to the space. Acoustic panels and ergonomic furniture ensure comfort and productivity, while collaboration areas encourage teamwork.

Ample lighting enhances the overall ambiance, promoting a conducive work environment.

Flexibility, employee well-being, sustainability, and technology integration were key considerations in our design process. We incorporated adaptable spaces, relaxation areas, sustainable materials, and seamless technology integration to create a workspace that supports the needs of modern businesses.

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72,000 sq-ft.



United Arab Emirates



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December, 2023

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