NOYA Restaurant, Prishtina

Prishtina, Kosovo

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Embark on a captivating odyssey of the senses at Noya, a masterpiece of culinary and design fusion brought to life on the 21st floor in the heart of Prishtina. Noya, a name resonating with the beauty of adorned elegance and divine ornament, stands as a testament to the design team’s dedication to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary.

Every detail at Noya tells a carefully crafted story. The journey begins with a special carpet adorned with flowers, showcasing the design team’s penchant for adding personal touches. From the carefully chosen materials for the bars to the intricate mosaic work and the overall Noya interior, each element is thoughtfully selected by the design team. The covered sculptures within Noya act as hidden gems, protesting against uninspired art found elsewhere.

As the visionaries behind Noya’s interior, the design team from Maden Group has introduced covered sculptures that serve as hidden gems, adding an extra layer of splendor as a protest against thoughtless sculptures found elsewhere. In Noya, every element has a purpose and meaning, reflecting the design team’s commitment to creating a space that goes beyond the ordinary.

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525 sq-ft.





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December, 2023

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