Coffee Shop/Delicatessen

Plain Dessert Cafe, Dubai

Jumeirah district, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Nestled in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant, most sought – after Jumeirah district, Plain Dessert is a captivating culinary destination that seamlessly blends minimalist aesthetics with a serene ambience. From its prime location to its meticulously curated design elements, the cafe is a testament to the art of understated elegance and harmonious simplicity created by ELE Interior.

Plain Dessert is a captivating haven where minimalism meets elegance, inviting guests to unwind and savour delightful culinary creations in a serene ambience. With its pale colour palette, micro cement finishes, skylight, water feature and signature metal mesh, the café sets a new standard for understated luxury in the heart of Dubai’s Jumeirah neighborhood. Plain Dessert transports patrons to a world of tranquility and indulgence.

Photo credits of Plain Dessert belong to ELE Interior.

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5,166 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates



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