Secoyas Private Apartment, Mexico City

Mexico city , Mexico

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Designed and Built by HO Arquitectura de Interiores  this Apartment has a  bar counter which is integrated to the kitchen, which can be used as a living area, but also as a work area for cooking, the kitchen was designed with upper and lower cabinets where you can hide the appliances and accessories leaving a clean space. Also in the center of the kitchen, a marble-topped island was placed, with a waterfall on the sides, which is movable making it a multifunctional island.

The laundry area was integrated with the kitchen, creating a larger and more functional space with a washing machine, dryer, a space to store laundry products, a closet where the water heater and electric panel were installed, so they were not exposed. the backside consisted of a breakfast area with large potted plants and foliage to give privacy to the space facing the outside.

A large screen and audio equipment was used  that was functional and aesthetic in both spaces. A guest bathroom was made with indirect light, they used a light wood lattice in the same tones to give more privacy, taking advantage of each space,  a bookcase was placed with indirect light,  LED strips were used which can change from warm to cold color which was one of the main elements in the concept. In the master bedroom it was necessary to maximize the space, a multifunctional furniture was installed to serve as a workspace, dressing table and TV cabinet. This was achieved through a design with a wooden bar with drawers, a full-length mirror and indirect lighting which worked perfectly for the vanity and as a work light.

The bathroom was a challenge, since it had no natural light, to achieve the most natural effect, buttresses were placed along the mirrors which can change colors, although it is recommended to always leave them in neutral light color to simulate sunlight. Porcelain tiles were installed on walls and floors in off-white with light textures, white quartz sink tops and oval Carrara marble look. To contrast and give a different touch, a gray mosaic was installed in the shower in the form of a niche. The accessories and faucets are in a brushed gold tone, thus unifying the whole contemporary concept in neutral tones. The guest bedroom also became a multifunctional space with storage space, a TV cabinet with closet was installed, and a folding system was integrated at the base of the bed, thus giving the best use to the spaces.

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1,938 sq-ft.




Mexico city

Completed On:

April, 2022

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