Serve&Share Cocktail Bar, Chengdu

Chengdu, China , Chengdu, China

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“With its multiple coexisting aesthetics, Chengdu deserves the name of China’s hedonist paradise. Serve & Share was born to redefine cocktail bar culture on this blissful land. Pronounced Design, along with Ace, F&B veteran from Chengdu, have a joint vision to break through tradition, and create an experimental cocktail bar full of rhythm and respiration

Resembling a train carriage heading into the unknown, Serve & Share features two windows that bridge the gap between the inside and outside of the contained space. As if alive, the content of the digital wall and the colors of the hanging light constantly breathe and change with the rhythm of the music, welcoming every guest with a different expression. The semi-transparent glass bricks used in the building’s façade wrap around the body of the bar and let the mysterious lights and colors from inside pass through, piquing the irresistible curiosity of passersby.

Inside the bar, the designer wanted to simulate the interactive relationship of an immersive theatrical experience. The center of the interior space features a large marble counter in the shape of an “”I””, with the bartender’s work area at one end. Contrasting with the traditional closed-off round bar style, this spatial design allows the bartender and the guest to move freely around each other, while also eliminating the feeling of the bartender being the actor at the center of the “stage”. Surrounded by the changing background of lights and shadows, the passengers on this “”Orient Express”” are not only watching a performance, but become a part of one.

While the atmosphere is psychedelic, the building itself, including the materials, lighting, and use of space is grounded in functionality. For Pronounced Design, solid contours and lines are the hallmark of our design style. High-gloss panels and metal edging create a refined look while also giving off larger sense of space in compact areas. The narrow metal side table provides something to hold onto as the carriage gets more and more crowded with passengers as the night progresses. The black mirrored surfaces distort space and time, allowing guests to enjoy the journey, letting go of the real world. Finally, the green jade-like ceiling glass has a retro feel which balances perfectly with the futuristic lights. Embark on an adventure on the Orient Express, where mysterious excitement awaits.

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