Fitness Center

Skulpt Gym, Riyadh

Skulpt Gym, 8019 2906 Al Qala'a, Ar Rabi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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About the project

The project “Skulpt Ladies Gym in Riyadh” was designed and implemented from the ground up by the Creative Sketches team, led by Housam Abdulrahman.

A notable feature is the dynamic lighting system, seamlessly integrated with the audio system. The intensity of the lighting can be adjusted to create different atmospheres for various sporting activities, adding a whole new dimension to the workout experience.

For the flooring, the design team opted for high-quality rubber to ensure both durability and optimal performance. To enhance artistic appeal and facilitate movement within the club, hand-printed graphics were incorporated. The design team was committed to utilizing the best technologies and materials throughout the design and implementation process.

Photo Credits: Creative Sketches in-house photography

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800 sq-ft.


Saudi Arabia



Completed On:

February, 2022

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