Stratera Office, Astana

Astana, Kazakhstan

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The office of Stratera, a successful player in the agrochemical sector, occupies 300 square meters in Astana. In them Kvadrat architects designers found deep opportunities to work with volume, geometry and color. The interior is designed to remain relevant for a long time, maintain a unified style and inspire unconventional tasks. The impetus was the client’s passion for technologies to influence work processes and employee efficiency. The total length of the space was logically divided into zones: a spacious office for the head, a meeting room, and a working environment for administrative staff. In the niches there are cubicle systems – each for two team members united by common spheres.

In the manager’s office, light fixtures resembling windows in the ceiling were placed. They accurately recreate sunlight and the color of the sky. The meeting room and the office are visually perceived as a single space – this is in line with the company’s philosophy. Openness to cooperation and new experience. A translucid ceiling was used in the meeting room. The lighting is bright, even, but soft enough to balance the lack of daylight. The meeting table also reflects the brand’s principles. In color and shape, it is divided into two zones, with the executive at the head, but the exclusion of elevation, distance and rounded corners show flexibility and a willingness to be horizontally managed.

The eco-carpet on the floor evokes a pleasant sensation when moving around and improves acoustics. When creating residential interiors, Kvadrat architects designers study the lifestyle and preferences of the owners. In commercial projects the same way: Rustam Minnekhanov and Sergey Bekmukhanbetov are imbued with philosophy, brand uniqueness and images that the client broadcasted to the outer circle. The bathroom in the office meets the principles of wow-effect. And this is expected, as it is not only for the team, but also for guests. Instead of the usual mirror above the sink, there is a translucent canvas. Doors in the stall are not blind, but made of frosted glass, which with the help of RGB-lighting creates an entourage, transmits and diffuses colored lighting. The story continues, when limitations, in particular the lack of a source of natural light, become bright and interesting possibilities.

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3,229 sq-ft.




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January, 2023

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