The Executive Centre, One Central Dubai

2 Jul , 2019  

Designed by Fiona Hardie, The Executive Centre (TEC) at One Central Dubai has been carefully planned and executed based on the demographic of its members in the region. The centre is unique in Dubai because it has both onshore and free zone areas, making it the first flexible workspace to have both these areas on the same floor. All TEC Centres are deliberately unbranded, and this is done to enable members to imprint their own identity and brand upon their workspace.

The concept brief was to design large communal areas, allowing for open collaborations and easy interaction among colleagues, such that the space can be easily converted from an exclusive members lounge to a multi-purpose event space. This flexible layout allows members to work from a number of spaces, according to personal preference and the environment best suited to a particular task. With premium interiors and designer furnishings, and meeting and conference facilities, including a café, all spaces are supported by state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team of on-site professionals.

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