Torre Solaria Apartment, Milan

Milan, Italy

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On the highest floors of Torre Solaria, the tallest residential building in Italy, Studio Marco Piva was charged to design the interior of an apartment for an important foreign client, that was looking for a prestigious real estate opportunity for his periods of stay in Milan.

The original layout has been modified to meet its aesthetic requirements and use needs, demolishing the walls where possible and creating large windows that allow a more fluid appearance of the environment: a dynamic space linked with the outside, with a set of features dedicated to a contemporary businessman.

Two of the existing bedrooms were respectively converted into a Studio and a Gym, while the third remained for the service staff. The environments dedicated to work, leisure and relaxation, such as the specifically requested Japanese bath, have been designed to blend tradition and modernity, combining the needs of a businessman with his most intimate sphere: a dedicated home, with a precise identity, in which to recognize himself at each Milanese stay.

The request was for a highly materical place, yet clean and elegant, with a “”on touch”” effect marked by the textures, details and rhythm in which the floor and wall materials alternate: light veins, soft colors and refined contrasts blend with the selected furnishings, all from the most renowned Italian companies, with the custom designed elements that make the environment unique, and with works of art owned by the customer that have been integrated into the design story.

A delicate luxury that is expressed through details, a minimal style that enhances the essentiality of the design, in balance between elegance and lightness.

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3,390 sq-ft.





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October, 2022

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