Acoustics Spotlight: How Mappy Italia tends to Designers’ Dreams

Acoustics don’t have to look bland or out-of-place. Depending on its application, a space can include acoustics to add to the aesthetic appeal or conceal the panels and still leverage the effectiveness. Mappy Italia SPA provides for either end of this spectrum. How can they help deliver sound, holistic designs? Have a look…

The need for acoustics in spaces such as offices and classrooms is discernible. Such spaces warrant an ambience for focus time and privacy. Well-managed sound has proven to improve productivity and reduce stress levels. But that does not prevent other spaces like arcades or even homes from making the best of acoustics – especially if they can seamlessly marry a design’s intent. 

Considering acoustics from the design’s outset ensures spaces are comfortable and catering to occupants’ needs while enhancing their experience. Here are three projects that revelled in the best of both worlds….

Quest Theme Park is Qatar’s first theme park in Doha Oasis Mall, Msheireb. Spanning 32,000 square metres, this immersive indoor entertainment hub boasts an array of attractions such as thrilling rides, media-controlled simulators, and virtual reality experiences.

To create a novel atmosphere within this indoor amusement park, designers from AECOM laid out stringent requirements. Their directive encompassed the need for highly efficient acoustic panels that prioritise sound quality and embrace eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. The challenge also demanded large panels intricately woven with fibre optics to create a captivating starry night effect.

Mappy Italia stepped in with a tailored solution, introducing the Mappyfiber Collection. This range offered adaptable acoustic ceilings featuring LED-lit baffles reminiscent of a star-studded night sky. Employing Silsonic Black, designed to incorporate optic fibre LEDs seamlessly, perfectly met the acoustic and aesthetic criteria.

The result? Mappy Italia brought the designers’ visions to fruition through the Designers Choice Collection, meeting all specifications and earning validation through field acoustic tests. Due to the project’s complexity, the installation required conscious problem-solving. Extensive research and development elongated the meticulous three-month installation process, culminating in a dedicated six-month journey from project inception to final handover.

Buoyed by Mappy Italia’s delivery, the project fostered an enduring partnership for future endeavours.

In this extensive, high-end project, the Bluu Gulf designers’ goal was twofold: to seamlessly integrate superior acoustics into their office’s aesthetic, particularly in areas with high traffic activity. 

Mappy Italia approached the challenge by proposing an Acoustic Curved Wall System tailored to the project’s requirements. This innovation involved printing the designer’s distinctive graphics onto fabric and introducing Mappy Gems, a product exclusively crafted for this venture.

The result appealed to both designers and clients alike. Mappy Italia’s solution effectively managed acoustics and elevated the office environment. Their eco-conscious products were designed to align with the company’s brand vision, significantly contributing to the project’s triumph.

The installation went smoothly, completing the entire process in a swift two weeks. From initial discussions to the final handover, Mappy Italia efficiently executed the project within a concise two-month period.

The partnership between the client and Mappy Italia thrived on operational efficiency, prompting the client to endorse Mappy Italia within their professional network.

3. Grandzone School

The designers had precise requirements, seeking bespoke acoustic fabric and wood panels across different sections of the school.

Mappy Italia proposed a comprehensive solution, offering customised fabric panels sourced from their Mappyfiber collection. These panels carried LEED, VOC GOLD, and WELL certifications, ensuring students and faculty a healthy and eco-conscious choice.

For the wood panels, Mappy Italia provided choices from the adaptable Mappywood collection, with perforations and finishes to cater to various acoustic needs in the school. Additionally, Mappy introduced “Ghost Panels,” subtly perforated for optimal acoustics while maintaining a sleek look.

The results were remarkable: the custom wood panels and vibrant finishes enhanced the atmosphere, especially in sports hall and auditorium spaces. The impact-resistant fabric panels also added considerable value to the project. The school environment received accolades for its motivating and uplifting ambience, crediting Mappy Italia for its contributions.

The installation process unfolded across two months, involving discussions, planning, production, and the final handover, culminating within six months.

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19 January, 2024


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