Bathroom Walls & Floors: Tiles, Surfaces+

Bathrooms bubble with opportunity. They are places where most let their guard down and spend time to refresh and relax. That’s why bringing that ‘X Factor’ into a bathroom through an impeccable design narrative is imperative. As we delve into the intricate realm of bathroom walls and floors, we unravel the secrets to unlocking the extraordinary through bespoke design products. Weave a story that transforms the ordinary into the exceptional.

A symphony in flooring.

Mosa has outdone itself with this flooring solution that gradually builds up colours, shades, and textures to craft an organic and visually arresting panorama. Aptly named, the collection sets the stage for a photo-worthy moment, with every tile storing a surprise. Choose from eight beautiful colour groups: four cool and four warm. Each colour group consists of four different textures that brim with character: grain, clay, sand, and grit.

Zig-zag and zippy.

A sophisticated collection of engineered tiles with understated elegance, Chevron Silver is the perfect choice to bring a refined aesthetic. With hues and shades of grey that blend well with various complementing colour schemes, this flooring solution is neutral, versatile and adaptable. It also has a high moisture resistance, making it perfect for bathrooms. Use it with natural elements or metallic finishes to create an impactful design.

Nature indoors.

Artista Beige is the perfect pick if you want to spell out a spa-like aesthetic or bring the outdoors inside the bathroom to create a sanctuary. The texture of this curated ivory natural stone wall breathes life into your surroundings, infusing depth and character into every corner. Pair it with tropical plants or other natural elements to create an effortless statement.

Escape into the rainforest.

Mimic the vibe of the Amazonian rainforest and unravel its mystery with Amazonica. With its rich, dark tones and unique texture, this extraordinary collection is a passport to an exotic and lush getaway. Contrast it with light colours like grey or beige for bathroom fixtures and flooring to bring out its magic. Choose from a Décor Polish or Slate finish for these 100% natural and carbon-neutral slabs that capture the pulse of the jungle.

A touch of brightness.

Reminiscing a sunny day, this Silestone surface from Consentino bursts with freshness. Straightforward, impressive and without frills, its serene-grade shade illuminates spaces instantly. A carbon-neutral product, Posidonia Green is Ideal for Bohemian and eclectic styles and harmonises beautifully with an ivory, grey, green, and beige colour palette.

Fuel your imagination.

A high-pressure compact laminate that can be your canvas of possibilities! It can be used for diverse bathroom applications like wall cladding, partitions, cubicles, etc. It is waterproof, anti-bacterial and self-supporting. The best part? It can be easily customised in different colours and patterns to create a unique personal expression.

Warmth unlike any other.

Original by Hakwood defines opulence in flooring, a masterpiece meticulously fashioned from European Oakwood. With a smooth surface and an oil finish, it offers a selection of five grades: Prime, Premier 1-bis, Select, Natural, and Classical. One can also choose from three patterns – Plank, Herringbone and Chevron. Duoplank® Engineered (a combination of birch plywood and hardwood), it offers the allure of a solid wood floor with an engineered floor’s stability and installation flexibility. Consider it for a classic design with maximum creative liberty.

Fusion of form and function.

Practical yet elegant, Polysafe Quattro PUR’s twelve aqueous and subtle colours can transform any bathroom space into an oasis. Engineered masterfully to provide a high degree of slip resistance while walking barefoot, it is well-suited for bathrooms and wet spaces. Its plain surface makes it ideal for various design styles like minimalistic, Scandinavian, industrial,  rustic or contemporary. Use it as an empowering backdrop for intricate design elements.

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