A century later, what makes Benjamin Moore’s paints still stand out?

A household name since 1883, Benjamin Moore & Co. continues to rule the architectural coatings industry. Following a brief encounter at Everything Architecture, Dubai, we decided to decode the secret behind their exceptional influence in the world of paints…

Benjamin Moore & Co.’s self-developed technology, luxurious colour quality and a stronghold of retail stores and channel partners are key contributors to their unignorable relevance in the world of paints and coatings.

However, having a clear understanding of the need for a precise composition of pigments, solvents, resins and various additives for paint is what forms the backbone of their phenomenal success. At Benjamin Moore & Co., they realise that paint is the first and foremost a protective layer applied to various surfaces and then a decorative design strategy.

While their diverse colour collections have always been the talk of the town, their sustainable standards and pioneering technology are the underlying reasons consumers are actively turning to Benjamin Moore products to render their vivid dreams into reality. 

Farooq Paracha, Managing Director of BM Middle East FZC further elaborates, “As a market leader, Benjamin Moore is committed to being at the forefront of product innovation that exceeds any environmental standards set by the Government.”

With pride in his voice, Farooq continues to narrate how Benjamin Moore has been an industry leader, “Our commitment to research and innovation has resulted in many industry firsts, including the first eggshell interior finish, the first Computer Color Matching System (now an industry standard) and the first in the USA to introduce a zero (VOC) water-borne tinting system to the marketplace.”

From left to right: Founder Benjamin Moore; Warren Buffett, Owner, Berkshire Hathaway (Parent Organisation for Benjamin Moore; Farooq Paracha, Managing Director of BM Middle East FZC (Distributor for Benjamin Moore & Co.)

Enamels that refuse to fade

Increased durability, superior hide and higher fade resistance are the hallmarks of the Benjamin Moore legacy. What ensures the resulting colour consistency and vibrant hues is their patented water-borne GENNEX colourant.

“Benjamin Moore Gennex ® Colour Technology provides one-of-its-kind colour to our products. Our team recognized that if we made our own colourants, designed specifically for our paints, we could remove unnecessary chemicals that weaken paint—creating a formula that’s better, stronger and simpler”, explains Farooq.

In a region like the Middle East where the heat is notorious for fading paint enamels, Benjamin Moore’s products present a tough-to-beat portfolio. An apt example is the walls of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi!

The pioneering products – Aura, Scuff-X and Stix

A testament to their dedication to research, Benjamin Moore’s Flanders, New Jersey facility houses eight research and development laboratories, each with a distinct area of expertise. “From evaluating colour standards to enhancing high-performance coatings designed specifically for industrial facilities, the 80,000 square-foot research and development hub ensures our formulations remain best-in-class”, remarks Farooq.

At the forefront of this innovation are three stand-out products. Combined with a proprietary acrylic resin with Colour Lock® Technology and Gennex® Colour Technology, the AURA® Interior and Exterior Paint range generate everlasting, rich colours that can withstand repeated washing. The technology has been formulated to deliver superior hide for fewer coats and smooth application. Scaling up, Scuff-X ®—a single-component paint—displays cutting-edge scuff resistance, especially in high-traffic commercial spaces.

Additionally, INSL-X® STIX® water-borne bonding primer stands strong as a go-to solution for hard-to-coat glossy surfaces such as aluminium, bathroom tiles, fibreglass, glass, marble, metal, plastic and PVC.

Benjamin Moore’s mix to success: sustainability + technology

With technological advancement at an all-time high, Benjamin Moore & Co. is making great strides in being environmentally responsible. It is acknowledged as the first USA company to introduce a zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) water-borne tinting system.

The added advantage of manufacturing their own resins and colourants with the Gennex ® Colour Technology enables their low-VOC paints to retain their low-VOC even after being tinted with Gennex colourants. The company eliminated lead, formaldehyde and mercury from their product range years before it became legally binding.

“We continually test and improve our products while researching and developing new coatings to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Many Benjamin Moore paints within various product lines are zero or low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including AURA ®, Regal ® Select, ben ®, Eco Spec ® WB, and Ultra Spec ® 500, among others. A majority of our architectural coating formulations range from 0-100 grams per litre (g/L) VOC, compared to previous formulations ranging from 100-250 g/L VOC”, elaborates Farooq.

Expanding Accessibility: A Customer Service-based model that makes a difference

Weighing in their Marketing Business model, Benjamin Moore & Co. believes in trust-building and exclusivity. Spinning a commendable network of more than 7,500 independent retail locations, the company aims to directly deliver to its customers through local and reliable paint and hardware stores. 

Regional understanding is paramount when it comes to commanding a global market. Therefore, this web of local businesses plays a pivotal role in studying neighbourhoods, changing lifestyles and user reviews while allowing personalised customer service. Benjamin Moore stores also double up as a one-stop solution to connect customers to a diverse database of painting contractors, colour experts, interior designers and more.

“We have a presence across most Middle East markets with operational stores, and we are now expanding the retail footprint across markets by partnering with independent retailers and business owners. At the same time, we are introducing differentiated products that offer unique propositions to large-scale projects looking for quality durable products in the region”, concludes Farooq.

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21 February, 2023

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