First Impression: Viccarbe’s Aleta Executive Chair

Furniture from Viccarbe has recently starred in highly-acclaimed UAE projects such as the FTI Consulting Offices in Burj Daman, DIFC, Oliver Wyman Office and DMCC Headquarters. But to those familiar with its reputation, it is hardly a revelation. The Spanish brand has become synonymous with superior quality and impressive designs over the past decade.

Founder, Victor Carrasco and Middle East & India Regional Director, Roberto García Quiles, can be credited for Viccarbe’s popularity in the region. Victor spearheads the holistic vision behind the thriving name and has produced a panoply of products that is versatile, elegant, and quite frankly irresistible. Under his aegis, well-known contemporary names like Roberto & Ludovica Palombo, Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni and others have concocted timeless pieces. And Aleta Executive Chair by Jaime Hayon is one of the latest contributions.

We got a closer look at this chair, reminiscent of the yesteryears, with Andrés Álvarez, Design Manager at SAY Studio. Here’s what he had to say…

Just by looking at the product, what three words come first to your mind about its aesthetic and design?

What comes to mind at first glance is, versatile, strong character and timeless. These key attributes thoroughly highlight the product amongst the diverse spectrum of chairs available in the market today. The chair is unique, but at the same time it has an ‘evergreen’ aspect to it.


What is your favorite thing about the Aleta Executive Chair, so far?

What impressed me is the chair’s retro-futuristic equilibrium while it simultaneously oozes sophistication. When I first saw it, I immediately thought that it could be easily showcased in cinematic thrillers like Blade Runner, Gattaca or Ex Machina!

What feature of the product really stands out?

For me the shape of the Aleta Executive Chair is the hero, undoubtedly. It is mainly the armrests which are very well integrated with the backrest that impart its characteristic style. The exclusive range of finishes is also a tempting proposition. 


Now, if you look at the specifications, what’s your guess on its lifespan? Does it feel sturdy?

The word ‘plush’ seems appropriate in this context. Viccarbe is well known for its high quality and the Aleta Executive is not an exception. It feels comfortable and long-lasting, which is not surprising given its well-made.

Additionally, when you take a seat, what would you say about its comfort and ergonomics?

The mechanism is intuitive. It just feels right without any adjustments, basically you forget about it, which, yet again proves that the Aleta Executive chair is well-designed. Overall, the experience as the user is an extremely enjoyable one.


In what spaces do you imagine this product can be specified? In what aesthetic do you think the product will shine?

It is a true-blue contemporary design that is adaptable. I can imagine it enhancing the appeal, and even standing out, in meeting rooms, waiting spaces and executive areas in corporate spaces like offices.

What’s one thing you would change or add to the product/product range?

Outstanding design is achieved when there is nothing to add or nothing to remove, I think the Aleta Executive meets the criteria.

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