First Impressions: Polyflor’s Expona Commercial PUR

The UK-based Polyflor has been producing top-quality commercial floor coverings for over a century now, eventually expanding its operations beyond its hometown of Manchester to a large global presence. With a focus on technical excellence and exceptional customer service, they can provide a flooring solution to nearly any kind of commercial project. 

We took a closer look at one of their most popular product lines, Expona Commercial PUR, along with Swati Rokade, Associate at Godwin Austen Johnson. Here’s our first impression.  

Based purely on the look, what three words come first to your mind about its aesthetic and design?

I immediately think ‘contemporary, minimalist and utilitarian’. It is quite refreshing to see some clean, stark looks amongst the designs. It offers versatility, especially with the wide variety of luxury vinyl tile designs available


What feature of the product do you believe stands out?

When designing commercial projects, we always specify high-quality, hardwearing products, particularly where flooring is concerned as it must be able to withstand high traffic on a daily basis. This product is tough, durable, and easy to install.

If you were to use this product in a space, which type of space would that be?

Many commercial settings such as retail outlets and offices are subject to heavy use and require a surface that is resilient to above-average wear and tear. This product would be ideal for those types of projects and environments. I would also consider using this product in educational environments such as schools and universities which require flooring that can withstand the constant movement of furniture as well as constant foot traffic.


Looking at the specifications, what’s your guess on its lifespan, installation time and sustainability?

Looking at the specifications this product is a heavy commercial 2.5mm gauge and 0.55 wear layer making it a hard-working product with a good lifespan. The technical information also states the product is 100% recyclable and contains 40% recycled materials. To me, that shows Polyflor recognises the need to use materials in the most appropriate and sustainable manner. Installation time is generally dependent on the size of the tiles chosen; obviously, large tiles will take less time to install than smaller pieces.

In terms of colour palette and texture, do you think the range is versatile? If not, would you want more options, or, do you feel less is more?

I think the wood, stone, and slate range is versatile and offers a good range of colours and textures however, as a designer, I would like to see more natural hues in the concrete range. As designers, I don’t believe having too many choices is ever a bad thing. 

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13 September, 2022

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