INDEX 2023 Premiers in Style: A Look at the Design Installations Inside

INDEX Dubai’s 2023 edition was a commendable comeback! From talks to exhibits, the venue attracted wide-eyed onlookers aplenty. Installations at the venue were few but phenomenal. They inspired innovation, problem-solving and being up-to-date with the speedy stride of technology. Check them out…


While AI platforms like Mid-Journey and DALL.E 2 undeniably shook the design world, since their advent, there has been one pressing question – ‘Can these designs ever reach a phase where they can directly be built, or will they just be a conceptual muse?’ With AI-aided creativity in its nascent stages, a conclusive answer is obscure and unpredictable at best, yet there’s no taking away from its brilliant capability. To look at the sunny side, even in its infancy, AI-generated images have assisted professionals in conceptual design. At INDEX Dubai 2023, one of the most anticipated industry events of the year, AI-ORB – an AI-designed module greeted visitors at the venue.

Marking INDEX Dubai 2023 as a platform for experiments, the AI-ORB was curated in collaboration with 4SPACE Interior Design and Emkay Interiors. The installation was constructed in three layers – the outer shell, the frame and an inner moss cladding. Sustainability was also a deciding factor in the design, and all materials used were environmentally conscious. While AI-ORB may not represent a monumental leap forward, it signifies a step towards embracing design collaboration between human minds and AI, showcasing a willingness to explore new possibilities.


Produced in a record time of six months since the inception of the idea, STAK by Rock Galpin is a much-needed step in the direction of ‘Made in UAE’ products. The installation intrigued many visitors with its playful appearance and scintillating function. This module is a flexible seating arrangement that eliminates the hassle of storage. With the surge in flexible workspaces and adaptable areas that need to quickly accommodate high-density and low-density users in a matter of a few hours, STAK comes as a saving grace. STAK is a simple solution for a complex problem; it’s a set of pouffe stools designed with a hollow structure that can be stacked onto the corresponding table’s leg. The table’s leg, in turn, is collapsible, allowing STAK to exist in two states: one as a cocktail table and the other as a breakout arrangement in a matter of just 15 seconds.

What makes the product even more fascinating is its production journey. STAK utilises locally sourced materials from the UAE and is produced in collaboration with multiple entities. The project involves three key stakeholders: Colab, Rock Galpin Studio, and Kidzink. Leading acoustics and fabrics manufacturer, Kvadrat, serves as the primary material sponsor in this collaboration while contributing sponsors such as Neolith, The Good Plastic Company, and ARDH Collective have also played a part.

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24 May, 2023

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