LTD Talks: Go For the Win!

During Design Collective 2020, we invited five heads of prominent design firms to walk us through the task of winning projects, particularly for non corporate and smaller firms – to talk about the pitfalls, what to do and what not to do.


With David Lessard of H+A moderating, a firm rule was established at the start to focus the discussion more on the qualitative aspects of winning projects, design and creativity, and less on the commercial aspects, which are inevitable but hopefully not the cornerstone of their approach to winning projects. Here are the experts…

Clockwise from top left: Vera Dieckmann, CEO & Creative Director at XO Atelier; David Lessard, Design Director at H+A; Kristina Zanic, CEO at Kristina Zanic Consultants; Paul Bishop, Owner & Founder at Bishop Design; Matthew Sexton, Managing Director and Partner at SAY Studio

Clip 1: Between corporates vs smaller firms, who’s got the advantage, and where?

Clip 2: Working shoulder to shoulder with the big leaguers

Clip 3: Getting in the Room!

Clip 4: Forging relationships, designing and delivering during COVID, and how to make it work

Clip 5: With current restrictions, will we be sticking to clients within our geographical locations?

Clip 6: With a smaller project pool currently, should designers change tactics?

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