FuoriSalone 2024: What made Headlines?

The city of Milan was abuzz with design marvels, and there was something novel at every turn. As we strode through parts of Tortona, Brera and Durini districts, here is what caught our eyes…

Despite the chilly air, each year design professionals flock to Milan to attend the Italian city’s celebrated design week. Why shouldn’t they? Each Milan Design Week makes sure visitors feel like they still couldn’t see everything, even if they stayed the whole week. The city brims with design hotspots coupled with Baroque building facades and frescoed dome.

In the past decade or so, the Brera, Durini and Tortona districts have particularly beckoned spectators with their thoughtful agendas. Even brands who have participated in the legacy Salone del Mobile fair feel tempted to showcase in other parts of the city. This time around, we began our entourage from the city. And we weren’t disappointed. Our morning began with an insightful conversation with Antonio Citterio, who most recently designed the Citterio C Collection for AXOR. The revered designer’s 22 year journey with AXOR, and his career trajectory are treasures we are (for now) saving for another day.

Until then, here is everything that remains etched in our mind…


🡲 Flos’ celebration of the iconic IC Lights at Palazzo Visconti
🡲 Kohler X Samuel Ross: Terminal 02’s Bright Orange Stance
🡲 Cosentino’s new surfaces bu Formafantasa take the theatrical route
🡲 VitrA Bathrooms X Tom Dixon: First Washbasin made of Recycled Ceramic
🡲 Quinti collaborates with Arik Levy to create a Path of Visions
🡲 Shades of Rainbow mark Roca‘s Kiln Installation

🡲 Archiproducts AQUA, feat ACTIU, Sancal and many other
🡲 ICEX’s Home in Milan is Colourful and Trendy
🡲 MIDJ unveils a new ‘Kosmos’ amongst Butterflies
🡲 LZF Lamps star in a Historic Church
🡲 True Design & Gabriel collaborate over Breakfast
🡲 Wagner Living‘s W3D tables were produced live
🡲 Coffee Breaks: Gruppo Cimbali was Everywhere
🡲 Isola‘s Illustrious Design District
🡲 Jwana Hamdan‘s Flower Power at terrace of TED Suite Milano

🡲 Technogym‘s Design to Move comes out to the streets
🡲 Cassina through Philippe Starck’s Lens
🡲 The newest from Zanotta
🡲 Andreu World‘s announces new products
🡲 Giorgetti‘s Revamped Material Palette
🡲 Moroso‘s collaborations are Edgy and Stylish
🡲 Porcelanosa‘s Artful Makeover


Flos was telling the world that their iconic IC Lights designed by Michael Anastassiades was now a decade old. Alongside releasing a new gold finish and a larger maxi version of the product, Flos invited two other design firms – Barber Osgerby and Formafantasma – to mark the occasion. The result? A stunning display of three hero products at the 18th century-built Palazzo Visconti.

The installation drew from the beauty of the Baroque setting, and used mirrored glass to create a heightened emphasis on the surrounding fresco and the luminaries in question.

Bathroom brand Kohler has left its mark on Milan quite a few times. For this iteration, the mark comes in a deep orange colour at Palazzo del Senato. ‘Terminal 02’, named after their latest smart toilet ‘Formation 02’ by Dr. Samuel Ross, this one-of-a-kind installation sparks curiosity. A co-studio between Samuel Ross’ SR_A and Kohler has led to two limited sanitary pieces, Formation 01 (a tap in a radical shape) and Formation 02, a toilet whose physicality is informed by erosion and other natural processes.

Read Our Full Interview with Dr. Samuel Ross Here

Top engineered surfaces brand, Cosentino set up a theatrical but hip installation within Teatro Gerolamo’s historic walls. The brand partnered with formidable design duo, Formafantasma to unveil EARTHIC® LAB X FORMAFANTASMA. This installation redefined surfaces, emphasising ethical production and employed reclaimed materials into innovative concepts. Technological aids like screens and spotlights brilliantly contracted with corniced details and circular corridors of Teatro Gerolamo. 

The installation also effectively debuted EARTHIC® by Silestone®XM, featuring Formafantasma’s designs and Cosentino’s Hybriq+ Technology®, ensuring sustainability with minimal crystalline silica content. 

This collaboration blends beauty and ethics, setting a new standard for designed surfaces.

VitrA Bathrooms honoured their solid collaboration with celebrated product designer, Tom Dixon via installation at the Interni Cross Vision 2024 during Milan Design Week. This installation highlighted the convergence of art, utility, and eco-consciousness in the bathroom sector. It centered around the development of the first washbasin crafted entirely from recycled ceramic, symbolizing a breakthrough in ceramic culture. This marks a milestone in VitrA’s commitment to eco-conscious design, as demonstrated by their Liquid line of sanitary ware, which utilized nearly 100% recycled ceramic material. The installation, spanning 15 meters in the Courtyard of Honor, illustrated the phases of material transformation leading to the creation of the Liquid washbasin, emphasizing VitrA’s dedication to preserving natural resources and embracing circular design principles.

In Tom Dixon’s words, “In this installation, we recount, deconstruct and explore the various phases of recycling, using the casting technique as an analogy to immerse ourselves in the muddy, chaotic and wonderful world of ceramics, where ‘primordial mud’ is transformed into a beautiful, durable and functional artifact. A work that marks a milestone in the rich history of ceramic culture, preserving tradition and embracing the future.”

Sans Souci’s installation by Arik Levy at Interni University offered a hypnotic display of irregular polygonal shapes in mirrored glass, connected by cables and joints, and suspended over 5 meters high. Enhanced by breezes from strategically placed fans, this kinetic experience showcased Sans Souci’s craftsmanship in glassmaking and technological prowess.

This installation delved into the interplay of light, reflection, and material, blurring the lines between abstraction and tangible form. Arik Levy’s design for the East Loggia comprised suspended mirrored elements that swayed unpredictably, creating a dynamic spatial montage of architecture, landscape, and people. Meanwhile, in the Courtyard of Honor, the Ghost sculpture’s nanocoated mirror finish interacted with a reflective composition, casting prismatic light and reflections akin to a modern artwork in constant flux.


“Sparking Change,” crafted by Mario Cucinella Architects, exemplified circularity and decarbonization principles. Set at Milan’s Università degli Studi, the installation features modular ceramic elements, symbolizing the evolution of ceramics and the transformation from raw materials to art. Inspired by Roca Group’s groundbreaking electric tunnel kiln in Austria, the exhibit illustrates sustainability through 1,200 uniquely colored 3D printed ceramic blocks, showcasing the temperature progression during production. The curved design adapts to its environment, offering spatial flexibility and serving as seating. Each block, produced sustainably using recycled ceramics, aligns with Roca’s circularity ethos. The self-supporting structure allows easy disassembly for potential reuse, promoting sustainability. Roca’s collaboration with Keramischer OFENBAU for the electric kiln marks a shift toward decarbonization and automation in ceramics production, showing potential for a sustainable future across various industries. Read in detail.


Archiproducts AQUA

The Archiproducts AQUA space, designed by Studiopepe and showcased a collective of different brands. The underlying muse was the element of water, and alongside blues, the studio had wonderfully depicted how well-curated product placements can sometimes be all the convincing that is needed.

For instance, velvety grey flooring and walls spotlighted the eclectic forms of de Sede AG’s DS-1025 Terrazza sofa from and Sancal’s Pion, both in a tasteful off-white. Even in a corridor bracketed by a joyful blue shade, Sancal’s Pion starred as a table, under a carved alcove. From Lodes lights emanating a pearl-like aura to Kriskadecor’s aluminium chains recontextualising fluidity, Studiopepe did a commendable job of recreating the essence of ‘AQUA.’

ACTIU’s chair, Karbon exuded its sleek form right next to a chunky, chrome finish sculpture. The cosy Owwi chair from the brand also juxtaposed the lofty, matte finishes surrounding it. Owwi’s white metal legs combined with the furry inner upholstery made for a truly luxe cocoon.

ICEX – Appartamento Spagnolo

ICEX, Interiors in Spain collaborated with Elle Decor Italia for a collective exhibition called Appartamento Spagnolo at Palazzo Castiglioni, Milano. Replete with six spaces, over a dozen Spanish brands showcased their most coveted and latest products. For instance, the light-infused gallery sported iSiMAR’s Bolonio, Paradiso and Topos outdoor furniture. Here, neoclassical architectural elements and window alcoves perfectly complemented the pieces made of thin iron wires.

Inside, the Sala Liberty room took a contemporary turn where VONDOM’s Milos Modular Sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud set the mood. The set accessories, artwork from Novocuadro Art Company and Naturtex rug added to the muted symphony. In Sala Pavoni, Ondaretta’s Ginger Collection (tables and lounge chairs) were pivotal in contemporising the space. Sala Sommaruga, on the other hand, beautifully inculcated Roca’s bathtubs in stone-finish. Last but not the least, the Outdoor Space flaunted a super chic setting of Gandia Blasco’s Erno Collection (seating and tables) and Iris auxiliary tables of pure, white disc placed on a grass mound. 

In our pre-event reconnaissance for Salone del Mobile 2024, we warned our audience to look out for butterflies at MIDJ’s. Termed ‘Creative Souls’, the brand’s showcase at Opificio 31 was vivid and made livelier with suspended faux butterflies, representing the creative souls (designers) collaborating with MIDJ. The already existing Bolle and Plisse Collections saw some new extensions, while the main surprise was a range of all-new pouffes designed by Karim Rashid. The collection is called Kosmos, and according to Rashid, it represents ‘a floating rock of softness and serenity’.

Kosmos is minimal yet cosy, while being reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. Then, people looked forward to the future. In the end, Kosmos aims to encapsulate simpler times.

Set amongnst the Tuscan columns of All Saints Church and Convento Sant Angelo, LZF Lamps along with brands like Lomo showcased the confluence of art and interior products. Named Menu 1 and curated by Bodo Sperlin, the venue was a ground of statement pieces that will not grab attention in spaces, but also set a lasting impression From LZF Lamps,  the ‘Cloud,’ alongside the eagerly anticipated return of crowd favorites ‘Voliere’ and the aromatic ‘Smellyfant’ attracted visitors. The exhibit also debuted ‘Toro’ by Bodo Sperlein himself.

While True’s stand at Salone del Mobile was the hero, the brand’s display at Gabriel showroom was noteworthy too. The iconic Fender silhouette by Francesco Faveretto and some other furniture pieces from the brand, were upholstered in the all-new Nobel and Cubic fabrics from Gabriel. A breakfast in collaborations with the two brands invited discussion about this partnership.

Technology was big at Milan  Design Week 2024. A riveting example is Wagner’s display at the festival. Remaining faithful to their motto “It’s time for sustainable architecture,” Wagner is unveiled the expanded collection of W3D tables designed by Hadi Teherani, along with the eco-friendly furniture system “D2” by Stefan Diez and Gonzales Haase, and the D1 series by Stefan Diez. The W3D are a piece of 3D-printed furniture, and the venue boasted a machine too. The production of the tables through the tall glasses was an exciting sight for onlookers.

The exclusive Faemina coffee machine and Touch&Match coffee grinder by Gruppo Cimbali was spotted throughout Milan Design Week 2024, such as Archiproducts Showroom, Arclinea Showroom, Cosentino City Showroom, Interni Spa Showroom, Opificio 31- ItalDesign Space and more. The Touch&Match coffee grinder flaunts a fast and user-friendly adjusting system that accommodates various types of coffee, including espresso and filter coffee. Furthermore, the on-demand grinding ensures the freshness of the coffee grounds, resulting in the perfect preparation of all coffee-based drinks. On the other hand, the Faemina coffee machine incorporated cutting-edge technologies (such as extraction temperature control, double boiler, and integrated water softening filter in the water tank) that ensures superior cup quality, certified by WBC and IEI. Sleek design, premium materials (steel and aluminum), and its entirely Italian production render this machine a timeless masterpiece built for longevity.

Isola Design Festival 2024

The Isola Design Festival 2024, hosted by Isola, a platform dedicated to design, took place during Milan Design Week from April 15 to April 21, 2024. The festival, evolving its successful format, explored new locations such as Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Galleria Bonelli, aiming to transform them into new hotspots within the district. With the theme “This Future is Currently Unavailable,” the festival reflected on design’s role in addressing real-world challenges and sustainability. Over 320 international designers participated, showcasing exhibitions, installations, workshops, and talks across 40 locations. Collaborations with partners from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were also highlighted, emphasizing global connections. The festival’s main exhibitions included Isola Design Gallery and “Is One Life Enough?” which focused on sustainability. Various installations, talks, and workshops were held at hubs like Lampo Milano and WAO PL7, engaging visitors with innovative design concepts. Additionally, Galleria Bonelli hosted exhibitions inspired by ancient civilizations, fostering creativity from regions like the Middle East and Asia. Through a network of locations, Isola Design Festival connected different design initiatives, offering a diverse and immersive experience during Milan Design Week.


JWANA HAMDAN, founded by the entrepreneur of the same name, introduced its latest Capsule Collection TRICIA PAOLUCCIO X JWANA HAMDAN, a collaboration with California-based artist Tricia Paoluccio known for her expertise in pressed flowers and striking floral patterns. Paoluccio, renowned for her work with prestigious fashion houses, contributed two exclusive floral designs tailored for the outdoor brand, reimagined by Jwana Hamdan. The collection, inspired by nature’s beauty and cultural heritage, embodies Middle Eastern poetry’s lush garden imagery, symbolizing human emotions and life’s movement. Given, the trend around camouflage and biophilia lately, these collections are a beautiful contribution. During Milan Design Week, JWANA HAMDAN showcased the collection at the historic TED Suite Milano, transforming it into a poetic haven. Additionally, a new dining concept featuring the ALÌ table by Lorenza Bozzoli and ALIYA dining chairs upholstered in the capsule’s floral fabrics was unveiled. This preview was a part of the Blooming Visions event curated by interior designer Ilaria Ferraro, offering visitors an immersive experience blending floral visions and design concepts.


Technogym – Design to Move

Technogym’s Showroom in Milan’s Durini was a sight to behold. Right in front of the building’s charming Neoclassical facade crowds gathered to bounce around on yellow exercise balls, each proudly sporting the number ‘40.’ Technogym was celebrating 40 years of its inception, and even the flowers outside decided to join fervour.

In addition, a campaign named “Design to Move” featured 40 unique benches by international designers. The benches, iconic Technogym products, served as canvases for 40 international artists including names like Patricia Urquiola, Antonio Citterio, and Pierro Lissoni. Curated by Bruna Roccasalva and visually planned by the one and only, Giulio Cappellini, these embellishments will eventually contribute to a greater cause.

Fifteen distinctive Technogym Benches will be auctioned through Sotheby’s in September 2024, while the remaining 25 will be for sale on Technogym.com. Proceeds from both the auction and online shop will benefit UNICEF.

Cassina and Philippe Starck celebrated a milestone of their association in an exhibit called ‘Somewhere Else.’ 30 years is significant period of time, and the strength of this beautiful partnership was palpable through the space; it was the confluence of Starck’s playfulness and Cassina’s unperturbed elegance. As aptly described by the collective itself, “Cassina Store Milan transformed into a stage for a poetical performance curated by Philippe Starck.”

The installation also featured the Somewhere El-S collection, comprising ottomans reminiscent of luxurious luggage to armchairs as stylish as draped garments. Craftsmanship and attention to detail – be it metal or leather elements – were the protagonists of the collection.


Furniture brand Zanotta brought their A-game to Milan Design Week 2024. At their spacious showroom, they introduced collections by two ace designers. One being the well-known Belgian couple, Muller van Severan and second Anglo-Canadian designer, Philippe Malouin. Fun shapes and unusual angles are to become a Zanotta staple.

Andreu World’s showroom in Milan is warm and rustic. True to the brand’s essence, the space flaunted ample clean lines and plenty of wooden finishes. At the premise, new collections by Patricia Urquiola and Benjamin Hubert were announced. The former is collaborating with Andreu World on some outdoor rugs, succinctly punctuating the brand’s outdoor portfolio. Hubert, on the other hand, spoke about the new Almo Lounge chairs. Both these releases are still under production and shall be rolled out in the market immediately after NeoCon 2024.

Giorgetti Spiga – The Place showroom (Giorgetti’s flagship in Milan) marked its one-year anniversary by offering visitors an immersive sensory journey. The 2024 Collections including Silvia Musetti’s LIZ valet, bench, and console, as well as the HIKARI bar cabinet and sideboard by HBA design studio were a testament to functionality mixed with sophistication. Admittedly,  Giorgetti has reevaluated of their materials, and are now proudly sharing some products that are different from their usual palette.

The Moroso Flagship Store on via Pontaccio buzzed with creativity and design ingenuity. The fresh One Page armchair by Ron Arad, brilliantly presented in Patricia Urquiola’s layout, epitomized the ongoing quest for iconic shapes and refined practicality. Similarly, The Moroso Gallery of Wonders at Galleria Rossana Orlandi this iconic partnership with Ron Arad was further celebrated. Other explorations included a vibrant rendition of the Do-Lo-Rez seating system, the Big Easy Made in Africa, and the Soft Marble, a plush reimagining of a previously marble-based project.

The furniture brand also collaborated with Diesel Living to merge style and coziness. Nestled in Brera District’s core, amidst a striking setting infused with red and silver hues, explore the D-uffle sofa and Puff-D armchair, encapsulated Diesel’s signature laid-back and unconventional aesthetic from its saritorial range.

At Milan Design Week, Porcelanosa collaborated with SACo (Society of Contemporary Artisans) to convert their Piazza Castello showroom into an art exhibition, showcasing the skill of Spain’s top modern craftsmen. Under the the title of Earthcrafted Designs, five themes, namely Tile, Material, Stencial, Rollinh and Travertine, housed collections by various indigenous artists. From expertly molded ceramics to tactfully carved wooden pieces, the showroom blended art within the premises with panache. Visitors got to explore their artistic side at the Blooming Tiles workshop, creating original floral patterns on ceramic items. Moreover, the company organized a special session on the art of lighting design, featuring the founders of LZF Lamps as instructors.

For more information about the displays, click here.

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