Spanish Lunch & Learn with Porcelanosa

Porcelanosa was on a streak this Dubai Design Week. One of the multiple events the brands hosted at their design centre in Dubai Design District was an intimate Spanish Lunch with designers around the region. Read on to know what unfolded during the asombrosa afternoon…

If you’ve ever been to the Valencia Fair in Spain, you must be well-acquainted with the force that Porcelanosa is in the world of ceramics. Their factory in Spain is a high-functioning mini-city. From stoneware to single-fired porous stoneware, the brand’s panoply of wall and floor tiles is exhaustive and spoils specifiers for choice. Connected to the factory, even their design centre  reflects the high-tech approach that is buttressed by scintillating designs. A courtyard, skylights and verdure punctuate its surroundings, presenting a calming envelope. 

Earlier this year, Porcelanosa also launched the world’s most automated plant for large-format porcelain production, which is expected to have an annual output of 1,300,000 square metres. As a global brand that exports 77% of its production, it is an admirable feat. 

In Dubai, their flagship store on Sheikh Zayed Road showcases Porcelanosa’s latest novelties and is currently witnessing a healthy footfall courtesy of their Gamadecor smart kitchen. At the Spanish & Learn in their Dubai Design District design centre, the brands’ Middle East team arranged for Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and Spanish delicacies to engage designers with their backgrounds. 

Mohammad Adib, Chief Design Director, Dewan Architects, who opened up the ICEX Breakfast last year, was no stranger to the brand but was left impressed after comprehending their repertoire and operations. Rasha Al-Tekreeti‘s refreshing candidness extended to her enthusiastic enquiry about the products. 

As Carina Lima, Design Director, Swiss Bureau and Vijay Nambiar, Studio Director, Designsmith, spoke to Nuño Arcusa Gil, Regional Director at Porcelanosa Middle East, they uncovered their upcoming plans for the region. 

Hilda Impey, Founder & Creative Partner; Sonal Kotecha, Founder & Design Director, Rumah Interiors and Anthea Cruickshank, Founder, SA Consultants marvelled at the feature wall at the design centre and admired its mixed-bag aesthetic. Angela Mallasen, Marketing & Manager Assistant, Porcelanosa Middle East, provided them further intel about the organisation’s capabilities. 

Once lunch was served and devoured by the designers, a few tried the VR headsets to get a better look at the gargantuan factory.

Here is the pictorial summary…


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