The Ideal Office: Bene, XAL, Jabra

During Dubai Design Week 2023, Bene, in association with Jabra and XAL, hosted ‘Harmonious Design.’ At the breakfast event, Bene’s showroom at Dubai Design District (d3) showcased lighting and technological products that, together with the right furniture, epitomised the contemporary way of working….

One of the most pressing issues for employers today is accommodating flexible working. As much as it is liberating to have the freedom to work anywhere, business leaders are hitting a wall in innovative ways of connecting employees across multiple locations. 

Here, the physical office’s role is dual. The first is to enable fluidity and ease in working remotely, and the second is to replicate employees’ comfort at home or in a cafe in a corporate space. At Bene’s showroom, this aspiration became a reality. 

“The idea was to curate an experience in one place where you can see all the integration with technology and experience it yourself”, expresses Nigina Bender, Head of Sales EMEA, Jabra.

Jabra provides top-notch technological solutions and assistive gadgets for workspaces. The brand has been synonymous with quality and is quickly becoming one of the most trusted providers in the genre. For instance, their Evolve2 65 Flex headphones are a game-changing tool for professional calls with outstanding noise-cancellation. The Jabra Engage series is specially curated for customer care calls and can also include AI to assess a caller’s tone for a smoother service-providing experience.

XAL, a company specialising in producing interactive and unique lighting products, was also showcased at the venue. The role of illumination in spaces is inconspicuous but incumbent. If done right, lighting becomes a silent bystander; if not, it can quickly become a nuisance. In this aspect, XAL has humanised its approach. 

“Our lighting solutions are very flexible, magnetic systems”, avers Paul Fraissler, Director of International Sales, XAL. “They can be rearranged every day if required – depending on the change of the office configuration. Today, people want different configurations, and XAL supports that.” Wall washers, profile light systems and free-standing luminaires – XAL’s repertoire is one worth browsing.

Bene products like the PIXEL Collection also cater to multiple configurations. From impressing with its crude, wooden exterior to its agility, the modules in the collection cater to seating, storage and more. The latest CASUAL Collection by Bene is also an excellent example of bringing nonchalance into the office space. The bFRIENDS accessories for offices are also a fun way to recontextualise workspaces into more thoughtful zones. 

Juergen Loeschenkohl, Managing Director MEA, Bene, adds, “We are constantly challenging ourselves to understand the key. What do we have to consider in the future? What is influencing us to create the right concepts and products along with it? At the end of the day, to create inspiring office environments, we need a harmonic design balance, where all the influences are just right.”

During the event, the Bene showroom projected what the renewed office must head towards. The future is not just furniture, lighting or technology but a seamless confluence of all three. The coherence in an office’s concept will embody the comfort imperative for productivity.

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12 January, 2024

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