The Post-Modernist Cohort

Feature Image: House of Curiosities, Kolhapur by MuseLAB; Photography credits: Studio suryan//dang

‘Vivid’, ‘Eccentric’, ‘Maximal’ – are a few terms that come to mind when thinking of design’s post-modern era. It is a style that represents mutiny and is an outright refusal to fitting into the norm.

Commencing with architecture in the 1960s, the post-modern aesthetic spilled into interiors between 1970 and 1990, a time when the movement was at its peak. It served as a strong opposition to the minimalistic principles of modern design. Postmodern design champions unconventional concepts, highlighting a playful, artistic, and extravagant style. Till today, the battle between the two styles continues. But lately colours, bold shapes and statement pieces have been making a comeback. Let’s catch a look at the products that can help interiors look deliciously flamboyant…

The Quirks of Japandi

Incorporating the touch of designer Patricia Urquiola, the Oru Chair derives serious inspiration from the 1970s. In addition, a suave Japanese essence roots the design in the contemporary context. Its bold design features, like the striking three-legged structure, are bound to catch eyes for being unique and fun. The chair offers different width options and upholstery choices, utilizing recycled fabrics and foam crafted from recycled fibers. Tailored for residential, restaurant, and hotel spaces, the Oru chair is a compelling adage to the yesteryears.

Balloon Art takes the Glass Route

Known for their intricate and collectible porcelain offerings, Lladró’s Soft Blown collection Italian practice by Nichetto Studio celebrates street art with luxury in mind. Inspired by the lively essence of street artists celebrating with vibrant balloon sculptures on sunny days, the collection captures the joyous spirit of the tribe. Comprising a series of translucent matte porcelain “balloons” featuring diverse textures and colors, the chandelier’s other components are crafted from glazed porcelain. This design encapsulates amusement and vividity in the most unadulterated way.

A Sensationally Playful Silhouette

We’ve tried and tested this one – and it is as fun to sit in it as it looks! Right from the folds to its disc-like form, the Zoco Lounge Chair by Viccarbe proves there is ‘fun’ in functionality. Designed by Victor Carrasco, this chair exudes fluidity. Zoco stands as a collaborative lounge chair, crafted for comfort and interaction. It stands at the confluence of current need of flexibility and perpetual demand for outstanding aesthetics. Its four powder-coated steel legs offer versatility, with optional casters and a handle for effortless mobility, allowing it to transition easily from one location to another.

The Poise of the Pieces

Yet another riveting collaboration between Patricia Urquiola and Andreu World, the Bolete Lounge BIO is a sustainable and unconventional design. The bulbous modular sofa attracts with its bright hues and transfixes with its innate adaptability. This lounge chair embodies a blend of pop culture and distinct character. Its singular upholstered unit permits both individual use and curved arrangements, fostering engaging conversations and private settings. Its ergonomic structure, and a range of versatile upholstery choices only adds to its allure of being tailored for the circular economy.

Dreamy and Dramatic

In Lladro’s exhaustive and legendary repertoire of figurines, it is a task to choose one. These statues are a much-coveted labour of love that embody luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship, Take The Lover III Figurine, as a prime example. Housed under Jaime Hayon’s Fantasy Collection for Lladro, the product is reminiscent of vivid childhood imaginations at first glance. The character resembling jests sits proudly with gilded accents emphasising the red heart and shoes, atop a blue pedestal. It stands as a beacon untapped of creative possibilities.

Big and Brilliant

Funda Bold, a generously sized lounge chair accompanied by a coordinating ottoman, is the brainchild of Stefan Diez. This chair’s inviting shape encourages a relaxed approach to work—emphasising a slower pace and concentration—suitable for office settings, homes, and transitional spaces. Despite its spaciousness, the lounge chair remains remarkably lightweight, thanks to its construction method revolving around a single steel tube, enabling effortless mobility. The Funda Bold also champions circular design principles by allowing both components to be recycled separately.

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