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The historic town of Røros in Norway is the home of the HÅG brand, and it has been an integral part of our story for more than 60 years now.

Balanced movement ensures active sitting
Active sitting forms the backbone of HÅG. All our chairs have our unique HÅG inBalance® technology. This enables your whole body to be in continuous movement the entire time you are seated.

High quality chairs designed to last
We make high-quality chairs that are designed to last. The way they look, feel and affect you is uppermost in our minds. All inner parts and outer details are rigorously thought through. Bringing you the best in Scandinavian design.

Making everything easier for you
We involve you, the user, throughout our design process. Via extensive research, studies and user testing, we consider your needs and preferences, and apply them. This helps us create chairs that are easy to use, and adapt to whichever way you work, in whatever setting. Now, and for the future.