23 Aug , 2017  

Schiavello is a family-owned furniture company established in 1966. One of Australia’s oldest manufacturers of high-end furniture, Schiavello has solid roots in Australian manufacturing and headquartered in Melbourne. With an understanding of the latest in production technology and appreciation for thoughtful design, Schiavello creates furniture that lasts for generations.

50 Years of Creating - Anything is Possible

Schiavello’s company culture that ‘anything is possible’ is driven throughout the business; from product research and development to project delivery and customer service. Vertical integration enables us to quality control and deliver intelligent, resilient solutions for the office, home and public spaces. Our concepts and products are developed in Melbourne by applying a design process that brings together the company’s vast manufacturing capabilities and engineering with the creativity of international and local designers. Designer furniture from Schiavello is sold all over the world.

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Agile Table

The process of how we work independently or in teams can be defined as ‘work modes’. The Agile Table supports these diverse modes or processes by enabling people to alternate and easily transition between group and independent work.

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