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30 Years of Slamp

In the radiant glow of three decades, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our lighting design brand.


Slamp SpA

What we love to do: 

Our 8.000 sq. m. atelier just outside of Rome is where light moves beyond the expected, transforming into eclectic, contemporary, and unique illumination that blends aesthetics and ethics using exclusive materials and sustainable technology.

We create POETIC PIECES for interiors

We develop FLUID SYSTEMS for contract projects

We HANDCRAFT unique lamps


We present Sustainaiblity:

Our flexible, resistant, durable technopolymers are thermally, chemically, and electrically optimized. They undergo low-impact Cold cutting that eliminates Co2 emissions, and we recycle excess cuttings, transforming them into new objects.

We are GLOBALLY distributed:

With flagship stores in London and Milan, 2 online shops in Italy and France, and through a network of affiliated shop-in-shops, our customers have access to Slamp’s handcrafted masterpieces in over 100 countries throughout the world.

Team members:


Adriano Rachele

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Export Area Manager

Fadi Nasra

Export Area Manager at Slamp SpA (Middle East and Far East).

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