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It sings of style stitched together with innovation. Kinesis Personal by Technogym® introduces the “soft workout” ushering in a new era of home training and wellness with finesse.

An interior design element, an objet d’art, Kinesis Personal is in eloquent sync with the modern world of hip design and purpose. Integrating perfectly in homes, offices, hotels and spas, more than 200 workout moves in less than one square meter — Kinesis Personal moves the body and mind. Made for coordinated movements using resistance, the compact grace of Kinesis Personal is engineered for strength, flexibility and balance inundated workouts.

Kinesis Personal is the brainchild of a visionary return to the beginning. Original movement. Back to the basics of how the body is made to flow. There is nothing like it. Kinesis Personal takes what the body does naturally, adds resistance and calculates a formula that ends in an experience humming with the joy of movement.

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