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London, United Kingdom


Andrew Meli is an award winning, brand approved architectural, lifestyle and drone photographer / videographer working within the hotel and hospitality industry and with corporate work-space, landscape, architecture, and conference facilities.

His clients include luxury hotels & resorts, vacation ownership, restaurants, villas & luxury boutiques and apartments, all-inclusive resorts, safaris, cruise ships and yachts. On the commercial side, for office and work space, corporate architecture and landscapes, hospitals, schools, museums, historic houses and parks and gardens in the UK, Europe, the Middle East & North America.

Andrew fully understands the brand guidelines and is tested and approved for Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Raffles, IHG, Unilever & the British Museum to name a few. Image and video content is vitally important nowadays within the brand, SEO, social media and online platforms. Brand teams and the OTA’s such as Expedia and are demanding an ever increasing number of images. Andrew works with his clients to augment their portfolio and push higher up the natural search listings. He tethers his camera to a laptop so that the client may review the images as they are captured. He looks for form, composition, lighting and beauty and will ensure the space and set up is perfect. There are no travel fees worldwide and his rates include unlimited edits and image rights.

Andrew has 24 years experience and his work can be seen on the major hotel and corporate brand sites. Client references and reviews are accessible through this web site and by reaching out to his clients directly. Additional services offered include in-room styling, hair and make up styling and casting for shoots with professional models. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

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London, United Kingdom

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Andrew Meli Photography and Video


Studio 17, 69-71 St George’s Drive, Pimlico, London
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