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Philadelphia, United States


FCA is a full-service architectural and design firm. Employing a rigorously collaborative process between their clients and employees, they define, design, and create resonant spaces uniquely suited to the needs of those who use them.

Our fundamental responsibility is to create a compelling and responsive ‘Sense of Place’ that integrates functional responses to the design brief with solutions that are resonant, inspiring and enhance the human experience of all individuals using the space.

We are in the people business with design as our medium. Key is understanding that we engage with people and their behaviors. Thus, we create and define spaces that reflect the unique cultures of individual organizations; this supports operations and behaviors that encourage engagement and inspire peak performance.

We have a duty to be environmentally responsible to ensure the long-term viability of the planet.

‘Cognition’ is a defined process that collectively engages both our clients and employees in a constructive, explorative and collaborative manner. We have the responsibility to lead our clients along the journey of transformation. It is a rigorous process.

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Philadelphia, United States

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2000 Market Street, Suite 600
United States